Following are some of the widely used E-Commerce applications.

1. Internet Bookshops

It is one of the first applications of e-commerce on Internet. Books as an item of merchandise have the following significant advantages for the online retailers:

  • Books can be described well on the Internet. Moreover, it is not an item, which is required to be checked physically.
  • Normally, the books have nominal prices and not too much risk is involved in the online payments.
  • Books are small items and can be delivered in the customer’s letterbox. The customer does not need to be at home.
  • A large database of books. The details available for display include a picture of the cover, description of the book including page numbers, price of the book and reviews of other customers also if possible.
  • The book can be searched with the help of search engines. The search can be made on the author’s name, title of the book or the subject etc.
  • There may be software on the site, that may record the interest of the particular customer and can inform the customer on the new arrivals on that subject.

Some large online bookshop sites are:


 2. Grocery Supplies

One who goes to purchase items from the supermarket must be aware of some of the similar problems as described below.

  • The customer has to plan to go to the supermarket at the scheduled time of opening of the supermarket.
  • The car park may be overcrowded.
  • The supermarket may also have a big crowd.
  • You have to pick the items and wait for your turn for billing.
  • You have to unload the items on the checkout, reload into bags, load again into the car, take to the home and unload again from the car.

All these problems may be resolved with the help of online supermarket. The online supermarket is set up to meet the needs of those who cannot get to the supermarket or those who do not want to go. The online supermarket is similar to any other online shop. The customer has to log-on on the site and select the groceries that are required. The staff pick the goods, pack and dispatch them.

Some of the noteworthy sites for grocery supplies are as follows:


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