Productivity Management

Principles of Motion Economy

Principles of Motion Economy   The principles of motion economy form a set of rules and suggestions to improve the manual work in manufacturing and reduce fatigue and unnecessary movements by the worker, which can lead to the reduction in the work related trauma. The principles of motion economy were first used by Frank Gilbreth, who listed them as ‘rules for motion […]

Pioneers of Performance Measurement/History of performance measurement

Pioneers of Performance Measurement   Measurement is in the realm of mathematics. It is about keeping track, about establishing dimensions. Some of the earliest measurement activities in human history track back to 35,000 B.C.  and 9,000-6,500 B.C. . Researchers consider them the first measurement tools in human history used for measuring intervals of time In […]

Advantages of Work Study

Advantages of Work Study   It helps to achieve the smooth production flow with minimum interruptions. It helps to reduce the cost of the product by eliminating waste and unnecessary operations. Better work management relations Meets the delivery commitment. Reduction in rejections and scrap and higher utilization of resources of the organization. Helps to achieve […]

Importance of Work Study

Importance of Work Study   1. Work study is a means of enhancing the production efficiency(productivity) of the firm by elimination of waste and unnecessary operations. 2. It is a techniques to identify non-value adding operations by investigation of all the factors affecting the job. 3. It is the only accurate and systematic procedure oriented […]

The Productivity Cycle

The Productivity Cycle   The productivity cycle consists of productivity measurement,productivity evaluation,productivity planning and productivity improvement,in that specific order.Accordingly,these are the four phases,or stages,of a formal productivity program.An organization desirous of taking up a productivity program must begin with productivity measurement.After the productivity levels are  measured, they must be evaluated,or compared against the corresponding planned […]

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