Business Communication Notes

Communication is the lifeblood of every business organization. These notes on Business Communication aims to bring about the importance of communication in business. Various forms of written and oral communication; including letters, memos, orders, interviews, group discussions, meetings etc., have been discussed in detail. Besides, the importance of non-verbal communication has also been elucidated. Effort has been made to keep the text simple and comprehensible, including a lot of examples and case studies. These notes are prescribed for the students of Commerce, Management, Hotel Management and MCA etc.




The Cross Cultural Dimensions of Business

Written communication-Meaning,Characteristics,Advantages,Disadvantages,Principles of Effective Written Communication

Report Writing-Characteristics,Structure and Types

Executive Summary of Documents

Public Speaking

Resume-Purpose,Types,Preparing,Difference between Resume and C.V.

Cover letter/Job Application Letter

Memorandum-Definition,Components,Conditions of Good Memo,Advantages,Format,Types

Agenda-Features and Importance


Business Letter

Business Communication

Quotations-Inviting and Sending Quotations

Placing orders

Inviting tenders

Sales letters

Claim & Adjustment letters

Social correspondence

Negotiation Process & its Management

Visual Communication