Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce (D-commerce) is a type of e-commerce used by an organization that delivers and sells products online. D-commerce is used by companies that sell news, subscriptions, documents or any form of electronic content, and the digital commerce company collects payments, handles customer refunds and billing and manages other accounting functions for online publisher clients.

Some of the popular websites are eBay, iTunes, Amazon and much more.

The Digital Commerce Cycle

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The customer visits the online store and find out about the product they want.The customer adds the product to the cart,provide necessary information about shipping and payment and then submit the order.In online payment processing customer enters payment information,which gets forwarded to the payment gateway that validates information and confirms available funds,then transfers the funds to the merchant account. Once order is completed an email is sent to customer as well as the merchant.The merchant then gathers the product from the warehouse,prepares it for shipping and then send it to customer.

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