Mobile Commerce


Mobile commerce is a growing sector and analysts expect significant growth in the next few years. At the current time there are some disadvantages from a retailer’s point of view. As with any new investment, consideration must be given as to whether the disadvantages outweigh the potential gains.

1. Smaller screens

The smaller and less vivid screens of mobile devices give less of an opportunity for retailers to sell products with eye-catching images and graphic design. In fact, the amount of marketing collateral that can be delivered is reduced

2. Investment in growing market

Business investment in mobile commerce can be risky due to the rapid-fire pace of the market and its ability to shift quickly

3. Speed of delivery

Mobile devices are less powerful than personal computers which means mobile websites must be optimised for the technology. This means a potentially reduced appeal, in addition to the man-hour costs of removing inappropriate content such as flash videos and plug-ins

4. Security

Although mobile security is improving regularly, there is still reluctance among some consumers to conduct transactions over a mobile device. Likewise, wireless networks – particularly those with widespread access such as mobile phone networks – will generally provide greater opportunities for hackers than the standard ‘internet’

5. Difficult user interface

there is often a learning curve when it comes to handheld devices. Mobile websites and commerce gateways must be built with usability in mind, to reduce the number of customers who abandon the purchase due to frustration, and this can add significantly to the cost.

6. Smart phone limitation

 Mobile has no big screen like desktop or laptops, so sometimes users tired to navigate more and more to choose just one item from thousands. It affects shopping rates.

7. Connectivity

Mobile commerce needs high speed connectivity of 3G. Otherwise it is become hectic for user to go through entire product purchase process.

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