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Entrepreneurship Development Notes/Study Material

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Today, Entrepreneurship Development has gaining increasing significance in developing economy also. Entrepreneurial development along with management has o come to be recognized globally as the key to rapid and suitable economic development as well as the welfare and progress of mankind. With the growing emphasis on the role of micro, small and medium enterprise in view of their contributions to employment generation, capital creation, industrial development, diversification in products, product lines, raising standard of living, regional development and economic growth, the entrepreneurship development movement round the world received significant attention.

The field of entrepreneurship as an academic discipline draws from various fields of study. Today entrepreneurship as a discipline has gained one of the most important places in the business world. These notes cover several important areas of entrepreneurship from its meaning importance to the qualities and competencies of an entrepreneur, and then challenges, opportunities and rewards to the various stages in the setting up and growth of an enterprise.

These notes cover most of the topics of Entrepreneurship Development . If students want notes on any other topic of Entrepreneurship Development or any other subject write to us in comment section or section “Request a topic”. We’ll try to upload the requested topic on our website as soon as possible.

Entrepreneurship-Meaning,Definition and Characteristics

Difference between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur

Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Manager

Entrepreneur Vs. Entrepreneurship

Importance of Entrepreneurship

Factors affecting Entrepreneurship

Factors impacting emergence of Entrepreneurship


Traits/Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs-Problems and Measures for Development

Women Entrepreneurship in India/Supportive Measures for Women’s Economic Activities in India

Role Models of Woman Entrepreneurs/Profiles of successful Women Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship-Introduction,Characteristics,Examples

The Importance of Social Entrepreneurship for Development

Theories of Entrepreneurship

Forms of Business Ownership

Entrepreneurial Process

Challenges faced by new Entrepreneurs


Problems faced by Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Competency

Role of Government in promoting Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Motivation-Meaning ,Definition, Nature and Factors

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