International Business Management

International Business Management

International Business Management Notes/Study Material

International business can be defined as the process of acquiring global resources and utilizing these resources to achieve the objectives of an organization by exploring the opportunities and challenges of a globalized economy. Most aspects of modern life are shaped to some extent by international business, which touches our daily life.

International business is not a new phenomenon. Trade across the globe is as old as business itself. However, the volume of international trade and the number of players in it have increased dramatically over the last decade. Today, every nation and an increasing number of companies buy and sell goods in the international marketplace.

As a subject of study, international business has attracted considerable attention from all quarters. Having understood the importance of the subject, it has been included in all management programmes. The subject is taught in MBA, M.Com and other management related courses all over the country. In fact, a few institutions are also offering specialization in MBA-International Business.

On Simplynotes/Simplinotes we provide FREE, Structured and Easy to understand notes on various subjects of MBA/BBA/M.Com/B.Com and  other professional courses. This study material is compiled  from various reference books and other sources.  You can visit the below mentioned blue links for study material.


Topics covered


Meaning, definition and features of International Business Management


Globalization- Definition , Features, Dimensions


Stages of Globalisation


Globalization: A boon or Curse/Advantages or Disadvantages


Introduction to theories of International Trade


Barriers to Trade


Trading Environment of International Trade


Analysis of Global Environment/Components/Types/Constituents of International Business


Country Risk Analysis-Meaning, Definition, Factors affecting Country Risk


Rise of New economics like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) and ASIAN countries


Balance of Trade


Balance of Payment


International Monetary Fund-Establishment of IMF,Purpose,Objectives,Membership,Organisation and




World Trade Organization (WTO)–Meaning and Establishment of       WTO,Features,Objectives,Functions,Organizational Structure of


WTO,Impact Of WTO Agreements On Indian Economy,WTO Agreements


Introduction to GATS


TRIPS Agreement-Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights


TRIMS-Trade Related Investment Measures


IPR-Intellectual Property Rights: Patents, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Trademarks


SAARC-South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation


International Marketing


Currency crisis


World Bank


International marketing Environment


Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

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