Productivity Management

Productivity Management

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A country’s level and rate of productivity growth have a significant bearing on its standard of living, inflation, unemployment rate, and general economic well-being. Today, productivity and quality have become the national concern of both the developing and the developed economics. However, efforts to improve a country’s productivity level and growth rate have to begin with its basic economic units, namely, companies/enterprises.

Productivity is a relationship between the output (product/service) and input (resources consumed in providing them) of a business system. The ratio of aggregate output to the aggregate input is called productivity.

Productivity = output/Input

For survival of any organization, this productivity ratio must be at least 1.If it is more than 1, the organization is in a comfortable position. The ratio of output produced to the input resources utilized in the production. Higher productivity in organization leads to national prosperity and better standard of living
for the whole community

As a subject of study, Productivity Management has attracted considerable attention from all quarters. Having understood the importance of the subject, it has been included in all management programmes. The subject is taught in MBA, M.Com and other management related courses all over the country.

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Productivity Management

Topics covered

The Productivity Cycle


Value Analysis-Introduction, Stages and Uses 


Work Study-Meaning and its Components


Procedure/Steps involved in Work Study


Importance of Work Study


Advantages of Work Study


Pioneers of Performance Measurement/History of performance measurement


Method Study-Meaning, Definition, Objectives, Need and Scope


Method Study Procedure


Principles of Motion Economy


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