Method Study-Meaning,Definition,Objectives,Need and Scope

Method Study


Method Study is the first of the two main divisions of w0rk study and is concerned with the way in which work is done. Method study is essentially used for finding better ways of doing work. It is a technique for cost reduction. The philosophy of method study is that ‘there is always a better way of doing a job’ and the tools of method study are designed to systematically arrive at this better way of doing a job.


The systematic recording and critical examination of existing and. proposed ways of doing work as a means of developing and applying easier and more effective methods, and reducing costs.


The objectives of method study can be :

 1. The improvement of processes and procedures.

2. The improvement of factory, shop and workplace layout.

3. The improvement of the design of plant and equipment.

4. Economy in human effort and the reduction of unnecessary fatigue.

5. Improvements in the use of materials, machines and manpower.

6. The development of a better physical working environment.

7. Improvement of quality of the products.

Need of Method study

Method study is a continuous activity and must be used at definite intervals of time to ensure the good health of an organization,as we know that prevention is better than cure.However,there are certain organizations which may need the immediate use of Method study.Here are such symptoms,whose presence can warrant the need for an immediate application of Method Study:

1. Dissatisfaction among the clients/Beneficiaries.

2. Escalating operating costs.

3. Low morale of the staff.

4. Lack of discipline among the employees,visible through late comings,not available during the office hours etc.

5. Operating costs-running higher than normal or gradually increasing

6. High wastage-poor use of materials, machinery, labour, space and services

7. Excessive movement and backtracking ions, handling of materials and men

8. Existence of production bottlenecks

9. Excessive overtime

10. Excessive rejections and reworks

11. Complaints about quality

12. Complaints from workers-poor working condition of heavy job etc.

Scope of Method Study
The task of work simplification and compatible work system design concerns the followings:
(i) Layout of shop floor and working areas or work stations.
(ii) Working conditions i.e. ergomics etc.
(iii) Handling distances (material movement)
(iv) Tooling and equipment used.
(v) Quality standards to be achieved.
(vi) Operators and operations in achieving the production targets.
(vii) Materials to be used.
(viii) Power required and available.
(ix) Work cycle time.
(x) Working processes.

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