E-services and its Importance

E-services and Importance

The concept of e-service ( electronic service) represents one prominent application of utilizing the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in different areas. E-services, a business concept developed by Hewlett Packard (HP), is the idea that the World Wide Web is moving beyond e-business and e-commerce  into a new phase where many business services can be provided for a business or consumer using the Web.

Rowley  defines e-services as: “The deeds, efforts or performances whose delivery is mediated by information technology. Such e-service includes the service element of e-tailing, customer support, and service delivery”

This definition reflect three main components- service provider, service receiver and the channels of service delivery (i.e., technology). For example, as concerned to public e-service, public agencies are the service provider and citizens as well as businesses are the service receiver. The channel of service delivery is the third requirement of e-service. Internet is the main channel of e-service delivery while other classic channels (e.g. telephone, call center, public kiosk, mobile phone, television) are also considered.

Importance of E-service

  • Accessing a greater customer base.
  • Broadening market reach.
  • Lowering of entry barrier to new markets and cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Alternative communication channel to customers.
  • Increasing services to customers.
  • Enhancing perceived company image.
  • Gaining competitive advantages.
  • Potential for increasing Customer knowledge.
E-services and its Importance

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