UGC/CBSE Net Paper 1 Study Material

 Teaching Aptitude (Updated Study Material)


Teaching: Concept, Objectives, Levels of teaching (Memory, Understanding and Reflective), Characteristics and basic requirements.

Learner’s characteristics: Characteristics of adolescent and adult learners (Academic, Social, Emotional and Cognitive), Individual differences.

Factors affecting teaching related to: Teacher, Learner, Support material, Instructional facilities, Learning environment and Institution.

Methods of teaching in Institutions of higher learning: Teacher centred vs. Learner centred methods; Off-line vs. On-line methods (Swayam, Swayamprabha, MOOCs etc.

Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based.

Evaluation Systems: Elements and Types of evaluation, Evaluation in Choice Based Credit System in Higher education, Computer based testing, Innovations in evaluation systems.

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Nature , Characteristics, Types, barriers and effective classroom communication.

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Research Aptitude (Updated Study Material)

Research: Meaning, types and characteristics, positive and post-positivistic approach to research.

Methods of Research: Experimental, Descriptive, Historical, Qualitative and Quantitative and Qualitative methods.

Steps of Research

Thesis and Article writing: Format and styles of referencing.

Application of ICT in research

Research ethics

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MCQs/Practice Questions (Research Aptitude) (Revised Syllabus)


Higher Education System

Structure of the institutions for higher learning and research in India, formal and distance education, professional/technical and general education, value education, governance, policy and administration, concept, institutions and their interactions.

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Information and Communication Technology

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People and Environment

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Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension



Number series, letter series; codes, Relationships,  classification.

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Analytical and Logical Reasoning Notes

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Analytical and Logical Reasoning Mock Test