One word substitution

One Word Substitution

List of one word substitutions:

  1. A person who cares about the needs and happiness of others more than his own – Altruist
  2. A person who can efficiently use both of his hands. – Ambidextrous
  3. A person who does not believe in the existence of God.- Atheist
  4. A person who starves the body for the good of soul.- Ascetic
  5. A person who lends money at unreasonably high rates of interest.- Usurer
  6. A person sent out on a mission- Emissary
  7. A person who eats too much- Glutton
  8. A person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life – Hedonist
  9. A person who compiles dictionaries – Lexicographer
  10. One who is all powerful – Omnipotent
  11. A person reserved or uncommunicative in speech – Taciturn
  12. A person who speaks less – Pacifist
  13. A person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people- Recluse
  14. One who knows everything – Omniscient
  15. One who is all powerful – Omnipotent
  16. One who is present everywhere – Omnipresent
  17. One who does not believe in institution of marriage – Misogamist
  18. A person who looks at the bright side of the things – Optimist
  19. A person who looks at the dark side of things – Pessimist
  20. A government tax on goods brought into the country – Customs
  21. A government tax on goods made within a country – Excise
  22. A person who eats too much – Glutton
  23. To change a law in order to improve it – Amend
  24. To correct the mistakes in manuscript etc.
  25. Open refusal to obey – Defiance
  26. One who comes to a foreign land to settle there – Immigrant
  27. One who leaves his native place to settle in another – Emigrant
  28. A list of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting – Agenda
  29. The practice of having two wives of husbands at same time – Bigamy
  30. A lover and collector of books – Bibliophile
  31. A nation or person engaged in war or conflict – Belligerent
  32. A person who hates mankind – Misanthropist
  33. A person who escapes law or justice – Fugitive
  34. Obeying rules and requests – Compliance
  35. To free somebody from all blames – exonerate
  36. Having peculiar habit – idiosyncrasy
  37. A phrase or words written especially as an inscription on a tombstone – epitaph
  38. Study of birds – Ornithology
  39. Study of man – Anthropology
  40. Study of races – Ethnology
  41. The science of origin and growth of language – Philology
  42. The study and classification of speech sounds – Phonetics
  43. The science of teaching – Pedagogy
  44. One who is greedy for money – Avaricious
  45. A person who is new to a subject or activity – Neophyte
  46. One who donates for charitable purposes – Philanthropist
  47. One incapable of being tired – Indefatigable
  48. One who hates women – Misogynist
  49. A man with characteristics what are more often associated with females – Effeminate
  50. A person who believes easily whatever is told – Credulous
  51. A person who draws maps and charts – Cartographer
  52. Study of coins – Numismatics
  53. That which cannot be seen through – Opaque
  54. A man employed to look after the horses of people staying at an inn – Ostler
  55. A position with no work but high salary – Sinecure
  56. An assembly of worshippers – Congregation
  57. A new word or expression – Neologism
  58. Comical use of words – Malapropism
  59. State of too much worry – Dysphoria
  60. State of too much excitement – Euphoria
  61. Vehicle to carry dead bodies – Hearse
  62. Animals having two feet – Biped
  63. Animals with four feet – Quadruped
  64. Belief in more than one god – Polytheism
  65. Light fine rain – Drizzle
  66. Strong and not easily damaged – Sturdy
  67. One who talks in sleep – Sommiloquist
  68. A person who eats too much – Glutton
  69. A person who knows many languages – Polyglot
  70. A person who speaks less – Reticent
  71. A person who cuts precious stones – Lapidist
  72. Violence activity to damage public property without any good reason – Vandalism
  73. An exact copy – Facsimile
  74. Safe to drink – Potable
  75. Able to be easily carried or moved – Portable
  76. A person who has habit of stealing – Kleptomania
  77. A person sad in nature – Despondent
  78. A study of derivation of words – Etymology
  79. The study of mountains – Orology
  80. Study of earthquakes – Seismology
  81. Study of secret writings – Cryptography
  82. A planned route or journey – Itinerary
  83. Short journey made by a group of persons together – Excursion
  84. A disease prevailing in a locality – Endemic
  85. A disease that spreads over a huge area – Epidemic
  86. A disease that spreads over a whole country or the world – Pandemic
  87. Disease which is spread by contact – Contagious
  88. Medical prediction of the likely development of a disease – Prognosis
  89. Loss of speech – Aphasia
  90. To make additions to a book or piece of writing – Interpolate
  91. List of goods with their price – Invoice
  92. Like a cat – Feline
  93. Like a wolf – Lupine
  94. Like a pig – Porcine
  95. Like a monkey – Simian
  96. Like a fox – Vulpine
  97. Language difficult to understand – Jargon
  98. A passage taken from a book – Excerpt
  99. An exaggerated statement – Hyperbole
  100. A summary of written work – Epitome


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