UGC Net Paper 1 Free Study Material (Updated UGC Net Notes 2020)

Free UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material

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Teaching Aptitude (Updated UGC NET Paper 1 Free Study Material)


Teaching: Concept, Objectives, Levels of teaching (Memory, Understanding and Reflective), Characteristics and basic requirements.

Learner’s characteristics: Characteristics of adolescent and adult learners (Academic, Social, Emotional and Cognitive), Individual differences.

Factors affecting teaching related to: Teacher, Learner, Support material, Instructional facilities, Learning environment and Institution.

Methods of teaching in Institutions of higher learning: Teacher centred vs. Learner centred methods; Off-line vs. On-line methods (Swayam, Swayamprabha, MOOCs etc.

Teaching Support System: Traditional, Modern and ICT based.

Evaluation Systems: Elements and Types of evaluation, Evaluation in Choice Based Credit System in Higher education, Computer based testing, Innovations in evaluation systems.

Study Notes Teaching Aptitude (UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material)

MCQs/Practice Questions Teaching Aptitude


Communication (Updated UGC NET Paper 1 Free Study Material )


Communication: Meaning, types and characteristics of   communication

Effective communication: Verbal and Non-verbal, Inter-Cultural and group communications, Classroom communication.

Barriers to effective communication.

Mass-Media and Society

Study Material (Communication) UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material

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Research Aptitude (Updated UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material )


Research: Meaning, types and characteristics, positive and post-positivistic approach to research.

Methods of Research: Experimental, Descriptive, Historical, Qualitative and Quantitative and Qualitative methods.

Steps of Research

Thesis and Article writing: Format and styles of referencing.

Application of ICT in research

Research ethics

Study Material (Research Aptitude) UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material

MCQs/Practice Questions (Research Aptitude) (Revised Syllabus)


Higher Education System (Updated Study Material)


Institutions of higher learning and education in ancient India.

Evolution of higher learning and research in Post Independence India.

Oriental, Conventional and Non-conventional learning programmes in India

Professional, Technical and Skill based education

Value education and environmental education

Policies, governance and administration

Study Material (Higher Education) UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material

MCQs/Practice Questions (Higher Education)


Information and Communication Technology (Updated Free Study Material)


ICT: General abbreviations and terminology.

Basics of Internet, Intranet, E-mail, Audio and Video-conferencing.

Digital initiatives in higher education.

ICT and Governance

Study Material (ICT)UGC NET Paper 1 Free Study Material

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People and Environment

Study Material (People and Environment) UGC NET Paper 1 Free Study Material

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Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension



Number series, letter series; codes, Relationships,  classification.

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Analytical and Logical Reasoning Notes

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Analytical and Logical Reasoning Mock Test