Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

Higher Education System MCQs/Questions and Answers


1.What change in Education is necessitated by Globalization?
(a) Equality of Educational Opportunities
(b) Modernization of Education
(c ) Vertical Mobility
(d) Cultural Diffusion
Ans. a
2. The great sociologist who held the view that “education does not bring about social change, rather the social change results into an educational change” was:
(a) MacDoogal
(b) Aristotle
(c) Durkheim
(d) Dewey
Ans. c
3. The curriculum construction in Indian education is mostly influenced by
(a) Child’s Psychology
(b) Teacher’s Personality
(c) Family structure
(d) Constitutional provisions
Ans. d
4. Stanford Binet Scale measures the following attribute of an individual :
(a) Intelligence
(b) Creativitywww.netugc.com
(c) Aptitude
(d) Personality
Ans. a
5. A sector plan  in education   indicates
(a)  overall  planning
(b)   a limited  area  of planning
(c)  planning   for a region
(d) planning for  a  particular  level of education
Ans. d
6. The ultimate purpose of comparative education   is :
(a) closely   studying     the  patterns    of education   in other  countries.
(b) finding similarities  and differences between     systems    of  education     in different  areas.
(c) adapting feasible educational programmes by scientifically studying these in other regions.
(d) studying  the educational  problems  of a region   in  comparison    with  those   of other regions.
Ans. c
7. Education and  socio-economic  development are :
(a)  Related  in direct  proportion
(b)    Related  in an indirect  proportion
(c) Sometimes related and sometimes not related.
(d) Not related.
Ans. a
8. Social reform aims at
(a)  Changing  basic values  of society
(b)   Changing  the norms  of the group
(c)  Changing   the religious  practices
(d)  Changing  the habits of the individuals.
Ans. a
9. The state  in  India   spending    the  largest amount  on primary  education   is
(a)  Maharashtra
(b)    Kerala
(c)  Gujarat
(d)  Tamilnadu
Ans. b
10. Which method is adopted   in order to create social attitude among students ?
(a)  teacher-centric method
(b)    input-out  method
(c)   collective persuasive   method
(d)  all of these
Ans. c

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