Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

91. The UGC reserved 10 per cent of the total allotted  Budget during  Tenth Five Year Plan for
(a)  North-Eastern    Universities    and  their Constituent  Colleges
(b)    East-Western    Universities    and  their Constituent  Colleges
(c) North-Southern   Universities and their Constituent  Colleges
(d) Border Universities  and their Constituent Colleges
Ans. a
92. The total-number of Colleges till December,2009 was
(a)   18000
(b)    6500
(c)    6600
(d)  6815
Ans. a
93. The National Institute   of Education   Planning  and  Administration     has  been  converted into a Deemed University  and is now called  the
(b)  ERNET
(c)   CIEFL
Ans. a
94. The UGC  INFONET  network   is run  and managed   as
(a)  ERNET
(b)  NUEPA
(d)  None of these
Ans. a
95. At the end of Tenth Five Year Plan, the total number of Deemed Universities   in India was
Ans. a
96. The U.G.C. have launched Career  Orientation Programme  in
(c) 1986-87
Ans. a
97. The main aim of Vocationalization in Higher Education is
(a)To control  the enrolment  of students  in Post-graduation   Courses
(b) To create   repulsion    towards   Higher Education
(c) To shift the students  attention  from the problem  of Unemployment
(d) To guard  the students from continuing higher  education  without  purpose
Ans. d
98. The abbreviation ‘SCOVE’ stands  for
(a)  Standing Committee  of Vocational Edu- cation
(b)   Supreme   Court   Ordinance    on  Vocational Employment
(c)  State Committee  on Vocational Education
(d)  State Council  of Virtual Education
Ans. a
99. The aim of U.G.C.’s Standing Committee  of Vocational  Education  is
(a)  To identify  such institutions  where vocational  courses  can be implemented
(b)    To impart  training  to the teachers  for vocational  education
(c) To prepare study material for vocational courses
(d) All of the above
Ans. d
100. The Residential Universities are the univer- sities having
(a)  Central  Campus  for Imparting   Educa- tion
(b)    Many Campuses  for Imparting  Educa- tion
(c)  Both of the above are correct
(d)  None of the above are correct
Ans. a

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