Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

111. The suggestion given by Dr. Gajendragadkar committee was
(a)  To review the organisation  structures  of universities   on regular  basis
(b)    To   bring     timely     change     in   the University’s   organisation
(c) To bring   change   in  Administrative wings  of Universities
(d)  All the above
Ans. d
112. A high level committee was set up in April 2009, headed by  former  UGC  Chairman Yash Pal for
(a)  Restructuring   higher  education   in the country
(b)    Formation  of new universities
(c)  Salary revision
d) None of these
Ans. a
113. The President of India is elected by
(a)  Parliament
(b)    State legislatures
(c)  By the people  directly
(d)  By an electoral college consisting  of the elected  members  of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha  and  the State  Legislative Assemblies
Ans. d
114. What is the minimum   strength   of a State Legislative Assembly?
(a)   40
(b)    60
(c)   50
(d)   70
Ans. a
115. Which of the following  has  not been  laid down  by the Indian  Constitution?
(a)  Direct election to the Lok Sabha
(b)    Direct  election  to the State Legislative Assemblies
(c)  Direct election of the President  of India
(d)  Creation   of Supreme   Court  which  is competent  to interpret  the Constitution
Ans. c
116. What is the age of retirement of the Supreme Court Judges?
(a)  60 years
(b)  65 years
(c)  62 years
(d)  70 years
Ans.  b
117. The right of vote  in  India  is given  to all people  on the basis of
(a)  Age
(b) Education
(c)  Religion
(d)  Property
Ans. a
118. The most controversial amendment passed during  the emergency  was?
(a)  43rd
(b)  41st
(c)  42nd
(d) 44th
Ans. d
119. The Governor of a State in India is
(a)  Directly elected by the people of the State
(b)  Appointed  by the Prime  Minister
(c)  Appointed  by the President
(d) Appointed   by the State Chief Minister
Ans. c
120. How many languages have been recognized by the Constitution?
(a)  13
(b)   14
(c)   22
(d)   16
Ans. c

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