Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

141. The Legislative Council of a State  can  be abolished  or created by
(a) The President  of India
(b) The Legislative  Assembly  of the State concerned
(c) By Parliament  according  to its will
(d) By Parliament  provided  the State Legislative Assembly  passes  a resolution  to that effect.
Ans. d
142. The total number of members in the Legislative Council of a State cannot exceed
(a)  One fourth of the total number  of mem bers in the Legislative  Assembly
(b   One-third  of the total number  of members or the  Legislative Assembly
(c)  One-sixtb  of the total  members  of the LeglslatIve Assembly
(d)  No such limit has   been fixed.
Ans.   b
143. The total number of members of the Legislative Council can in no case be less than
(a) 49
(b) 60
(c)  50
(d)  No minimum  strength has   been fixed
Ans. a
144. India has
(a)Parliamentary   form of government
(b) Presidential form of government
(c)  Both  parliamentary   and  presidential forms of government
(d)  None of these
Ans. a
145. If the Vice-President were to submit his resignation,  he would  notify to
(a)  The President  of India
(b)   The Prime Minister
(c)  The Chief Justice  or India
(d)  The Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Ans. a
146. Which of the following words were  added to the Preamble  of Indian  Constitution   under the 42nd Amendment?
(a) Democratic  Republic
(b) Democratic  Socialist
(c)  Socialist  Secular
(d)  Sovereign Secular
Ans.  c
147. The Speaker of a State Assembly can by removed from his office by
(a)  A resolution  of the, Legislative  Assembly passed by a majority of all the  members of the Assembly
(b) The President  of India
(c)  The-Chief Minister
(d)  The Governor
Ans. a
148. The Governor of a state enjoys
(a)  No discretionary  powers
(b)  Very extensive  discretionary powers
(c)  Discretionary   Powers in certain matters
(d)  None of these
Ans. c
149. Chief Minister is
(a)  The Head of the State
(b) The Head of the Government
(c ) An integral  part of the legislature
(d)  Always a member  of the Lower House
Ans.   b
150. Collective responsibility ls the Hallmark  of which form of Government?
(a)  Parliamentary   form
(b)  Presidential form
(c)  Military form
(d)  None of the  above
Ans. a

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