Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

161. Which one of the following is not a function of the Chief Minister of a State?
(a)  He  allots   business    among   his  col- leagues
(b)    He can ask any Minister  to resign  and in case of his refusal advise  the Governor to dismiss  him
(c)    He can dissolve  the Legislative Assembly
(d)  He  presides   over  the  meetings  of the Cabinet and controls the agenda thereof
Ans.  c
162. Chief Minister is not responsible for
(a)  Running   the  entire  administration    of the State
(b)  The maintenance    of the law and  order in the State
(c)  The defense of the State
(d ) None of the above
Ans. c
163. In case of death, resignation or removal  of Governor, acts as the Governor.
(a)  The Chief Minister
(b)  The President  of India
(c)  The Speaker
(d)  The Chief Justice of High Court
Ans. d
164. If a Governor wants to resign, to whom does he address his letter of resignation?
(a)  Prime Minister
(b)    Home Minister
(c)  Chief Minister
(d)  President  of India
Ans. d
165. A Governor can issue an ordinance
(a) Whenever he likes
(b)Whenever Chief Minister  advises him
(c) Whenever   the State Legislature  is not in Session and the Governor  is satisfied that immediate  action is needed
(d)  When the Union Government  tells him to do so
Ans. c
166. The Governor of a State can
(a)  Dissolve the Legislative Assembly
(b)  Dissolve the Legislative  Council
(c)  Both the above
(d)  None of the above
Ans. a
167. The Governor of a State can address the Legislature at the commencement   of the
(a) New session after each general election
(b) First session every year
(c)  Both of the above
(d)  None of the above
Ans. a
168. Who appoints the Governor of a State?
(a)  Home Minister of India
(b)  President  of India
(c)  Chief Minister  of that State
(d)  Prime Minister of India
Ans. b
169. In ………………………….., the executive power of the State Government is vested
(a)  The President  of India
(b)  The Chief Minister
(c)  The Governor
(d)  The Speaker  of the Legislative  Assembly
Ans. c
170. Till Governor of a State holds his office only during the pleasure  of
(a)  Prime Minister
(b) President
(c)  Chief Minister
(d)  Home Minister
Ans. b

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