Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

51. Extension’ Education is understood as
(a)  extending  new knowledge  to the door- step  of those who  need  it .
(b)   extending  educational  opportunities   to the deprived.
(c)  a programme  for educating  the farmers.
(d)  education  meant  to spread  knowledge among  villagers
Ans. d
52. If something a new or original is noticed  in the activities  of a leaner,  then which  of the following  terms  can describe  him best?
(a)  Intelligent
(b)    Creative
(c)  Critical
(d)  Motivated
Ans. a
53. The most   effective    impression     can  be provided   to learners  by
(a)   charts  and  maps
(b) black board  presentations
(c)  sound  film projector
(d)  meaningful   verbal  explanation
Ans. b
54. Aim of complete living in Education was supported by :
(a) Herbart
(b) Herbart Spencer
(c) John Dewey
(d) Plato
Ans. b
55. The most important   factor  in teaching  in higher  education  is to
(a)  Supply   the  relevant   information     to students
(b)   Prepare     students     for   the   various competitive  examinations
(c)   Lead  students   to the sources  of information
(d) Development     spirit   of competition    for higher  achievement  in students.
Ans. c
56. In higher education,   students    are  better motivated  through
(a)  Competition
(b)    Personal  achievements
(c)  Co-operation
(d)  Individual   attention
Ans. b
57. Which was Ottway’s view on “Educationa and social changes”?
(a) Education changes the society
(b) Education change follows social change.
(c) Educational change and social change are independent of one another.
(d) Educational change and social change are interdependent, but which is the cause and which is the effect cannot be determined.
Ans.  d
58. Social workers can have the following good approach to deal with a group of delinquent children,  Which  one ?
(a)  to  develop   friendly   relations   before trying to reform them   .
b) to make them  fully  busy  with  some constructive  activity
c) to praise them for their good behavior.
d) to advise them in different ways.
Ans. a
59. Many individuals   accept  employment    in educational   fields, because  of
(a)  their zeal for imparting  knowledge
(b)   lack of job opportunities   elsewhere;
(c)  considering teaching profession as their aim
(d)  lively interest  in acquisition  of knowledge
Ans. b
60. Approach towards education  should be
(a)  Imparting  knowledge
(b)    Investment   in human  resources
(c)  Sacred  mission
(d)  Employment  oriented
Ans. b

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