Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

61. Which of the following  was not consisted in  the recommendations of National  Policy on Education   – 1986.
(a)  Redesigning   courses
(b)    Expansion   of institutions
(c)  Training  of teachers
(d)  Training  of guardians
Ans. d
62. The National Policy   of  Education-1986 recommended   for
(a)  Reorganisation   of education
(b)    Use of English  in wide  range
(c)  Use of Sanskrit  in wide  range
(d)  None  of the above
Ans. a
63. The Indira Gandhi National  Open  University came into existence  in
(a) April, 1985
(b) September,1985
(c)  April,  1977
(d)  September,  1977
Ans. b
64. Prior to the Constitutional Amendment of 1976, ‘education’ was placed under which list?
(a) Union List
(b) Concurrent List
(c) State List
(a) None of these
Ans. c
65. Who among  the following  gave particular attention  to establishment  of comprehensive institutions   for the rural  people  starting  at the early childhood  level going upto the highest.
(a) Mahatma   Gandhi
(b) Rabindernath Tagore
(c ) Vivekananda
(d)  (a) and  (b) both
Ans. d
66. In the year 1947-48, the number of technical institutions at degree  level was
(a)   38
(b)    35
(c)  40
(d)  70
Ans.  a
67. Value education should  help  in
(a)  Increasing   states  income.
(b)    Increasing  teachers  income
(c)  Controlling  guardian’s   expenditure   on child’s  schooling.
(d)  Eliminating   violence  fanaticism.
Ans. d
68. Which of the followings   can be  included under  the group  of ultimate  values.
(a)  Goodness
(b)    Truth
(c)  Beauty
(d)  All of the above
Ans.  d
69. Hedonism is a theory  which  believes  in
(a)  happiness   as the ultimate  value.
(b)    liberation  of the soul
(c)  ignorance  is the cause of suffering. (d)  None  of the  above
Ans. a
70. The philosophy    of materialism   has  been derived  from
(a) the world
(b)  matter
(c)  God
(d)  soul
Ans.  b

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