Higher Education System MCQs (UGC NET paper 1 FREE Updated Notes 2020)

71. Two ways of imparting value education are
(a)  Incidental   and  accidental
(b)    Systematic  and  non-systematic
(c)  Direct  and  indirect
(d)  None  of the above
Ans. c
72. Sri Prakash committee  was set up in
(a)  1970-71
(b)    1965-66
(c ) 1984- 85
(d) 1959 – 60
Ans. d
73. Which of the following is not recommended by Sri Prakash committee
(a)  teaching  moral  values
(b)  silent meditation.
(c)  co-curricular   activities
(d)  none  of the above
Ans. d
74. The period of Indian Education Commission was
(a)      1965-66
(b)     1945-46
(c)      1964-66
(d)     1945-47
Ans. c
75. The Indian Education commission  recommended  for
(a)  time-table
(b)    suitable  teachers
(c)  methods  of moral  teaching
(d)  All the above
Ans. d
76. Health value develops
(a)  Physical  aesthetics
(b)    Mental  aesthetics
(c)  Spiritual  power
(d)  All of the above
Ans. d
77. Patriotic values are  included    under   the groups  of
(a) social values
(b) moral values
(c) health values
(d) ultimate values
Ans. a
78. Educating health  values  includes
(a)  Schools should  have  first aid box.
(b)    Medical  inspection  of the students
(c)  Ventilation  in schools.
(d) All the above
Ans. d
79. The Ishvarbhai Patel Committee was set up in
(a) 1977
(b)  1985
(c)   1967
(d)  1992
Ans. a
80. The Ishvarbhai Patel  Committee   recommended  for …………..
(a) work experience
(b)    value  oriented  education
(c)  women  legislation
(d)  none of the above
Ans. a

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