Higher Education System Updated UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material

  • HIGHER   EDUCATION   SYSTEM (Updated 2020 UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material)

Higher education plays an important role in developing the nation to a great extent. It helps the members of the society to get lives, to develop well and to improve the strength of the nation. It inculcates to reform conduct and behaviours and integrity of personality in the individuals. Colleges are the principal centers of higher education. But Universities being the ultimate controller of them, are more responsible to it. Because it manages the rules and regulations of the colleges. These institutions are the controller of Degree examining and affiliating authorities for the venture colleges that can fulfill the conditions required including the territorial limits. It does not directly manage the colleges but it lays down conditions to which they must conform in order to obtain and retain affiliation, and if satisfied itself as to the absence of the conditions by inspection.

Objectives of Higher Education

The Education Commission of 1964-66 enumerated many objectives of higher education. They are:
1. To seek and cultivate new knowledge, to engage vigorously and fearlessly in the pursuit of truth and to interpret old knowledge and beliefs in the light of new needs and discoveries.

2. To provide the right kind of leadership. To identify gifted youth and help them develop their potential to the full by cultivating physical fitness, developing the powers of the mind and cultivating right interests, attitudes and moral and intellectual values.

3. To provide competent men and women, trained in agriculture, arts, medicine, science and technology and various other professions, who will also be cultivated individuals, imbued with a sense of social purpose.

4. To strive to promote equality and social and cultural differences through diffusion of education.

5. To foster in the teachers and students, and through them in a society generally, the attitudes and values needed for developing the ‘good life’ in individuals and society.

‘The Principle object is to deepen man’s understanding of the Universe and of himself in body, mind and spirit and to disseminate this understanding throughout society and so apply it in the service of mankind.’

-The education Commission

‘A university stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. It stands for the onward march of the human race towards even higher objectives. If the Universities discharge their duties adequately, then it is well with the nation and the people.’

-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

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