Communication MCQs/Practice Questions (UGC NET Updated 2020 Notes)

21. Reinforcement theory was put forward by
(a) Carl Howland
(b) Joseph Klapper
(c) Maxwell Mc Comb
(d) Donald Shaw
Ans. b
22. The Author of Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
(a) Peny Tannenbaum
(b) Roland Barthes
(c) Charles Osgood
(d) A Festinger
Ans. d
23. A interview is a type of
(a) Dyadic communication
(b) Multidiadic communication
(c) Mass communication
(d) Group communication
Ans. a
24. The middle range Theory of Communication was given by
(a) John Fiske
(b) Robert Merton
(c) Karl Marx
(d) DMS Archer
Ans. b
25. The knowledge gap hypothesis develop by
(a) A. Donohue
(b) John Paulik
(c) Wilbur Schramm
(d) David Weaver
Ans. a
26. What is Syntactics
(a) The study of language in use
(b) The study of relationship among words
(c) The study of human interactions
(d) The relationship between words and sentences
Ans. b
27. The primary function of interpersonal communication is
(a) Reasoning
(b) Relationship building
(c) To inform
(d) To provide relaxation
Ans. b
28. The SMCR model of communication was devised by
(a) Shannon and Weaver
(b) David Berlo
(c) Wilbur Schramm
(d) Westley and McLean
Ans. b
29. Consider the following Statements regarding All India Radio:
1. The Indian State Broadcasting Service was renamed as All India Radio in January 1936.
2. All India Radio came to be known as Akashvani from 1957.
Identify the correct statements:
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) All are correct
(d) None
Ans. c
30. Consider the following Statements regarding Press Information Bureau:
1. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) is a non government organisation with objective to disseminate information to the print and electronic media on government policies, programmes, initiatives and achievements.
2. PIB has a dedicated unit for the publicity and 24*7 media support to the Prime Minister’s office.
Identify the correct statements:
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) All are correct
(d) None
Ans. b
31. The author of book “Communication Networks” is
(a) Daniel Belt
(b) Manuel Castle
(c) M Rogers and D.L. Kincaid
(d) AndreGunder Frank
Ans. c
32. The teachers of “Philosophy of Life” affect the pupils because
(a) The teacher teaches them
(b) It affects the method of teaching
(c) The teachers model will be imitated
(d) It reflects the philosophy of the society
Ans. d
33. ‘Projection’ is a defence mechanism in which the individual
(a) Finds justification of one’s own action
(b) Goes back to the previous stage of development
(c) Channelises energy to the ‘id’ to acceptable channels.
(d) Attributes the reason for one’s behaviour to some other source.
Ans. c
34. According to Wilbur Schramm which one of the following is a value free asset
(a) Culture
(b) Religion
(c) Technology
(d) All of the above
Ans. a
35. Which of the communication has more emotional appeal
(a) Intrapersonal
(b) Interpersonal
(c) Group
(d) Mass
Ans. b
36. Which model refers to Gatekeeper Concept.
(a) Theadore Newcomb’s
(b) Shannon and Weaver’s
(c) Bruce Westley and Mc Leans
(d) George Gerbner
Ans. c
37. Speaker – Speech –Audience are the elements of whose model of communication
(a) Claude Shannon
(b) Aristotle
(c) Harold Lasswell
(d) Wilbur Schramm
Ans. b
38. Who introduced the concept of Noise in Communication
(a) Wilbur Schramm
(b) George Gerbner
(c) Charles Osgood
(d) Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver
Ans. d
39. Who developed first paper for mankind
(a) The Sumerians
(b) The Aryans
(c) The Mayans
(d) The Chinese
Ans. d
40. Who differentiate hot and cold medium
(a) Raymond Williams
(b) Marshal McLuhan
(c) Harold Lasswell
(d) Wilbur Schramm
Ans. b

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