Communication MCQs/Practice Questions (UGC NET Updated 2020 Notes)

81. The promoter of a product cannot deliver the following to a mass audience through currently used media vehicles.
(a) Information
(b) Music
(c) Products
(d) He can deliver literally anything through such vehicles
Ans. c
82. In downward communication, messages
(a) flow form the bottom to the top of the organization structure.
(b) flow from the top to the bottom of the organization structure.
(c) are meant to be exchanged between the, members of the top brass
(d) None of these.
Ans. b
83. Who developed the first paper for the mankind ?
(a) The Chinese
(b) The Sumerians
(c) The Aryans
(d) The Mayans
Ans. a
84. Who was not a part of the team that developed the transistor ?
(a) JohnBardeen
(b) Walter Brattain
(c) JE Lilienfield
(d) William Shockley
Ans. c
85. Who Invented the TV ?
(a) Alexander Graham Bell
(b) John Logie Baird
(c) C Francis Jenkins
(d) Chester Carlson
Ans. b
86. Which one of the following is not a traditional media ?
(a) Literature
(b) Painting
(c) TV
(d) Music
Ans. c
87. Which one of the following is not a modern media ?
(a) The Press
(b) Radio
(c) Cinema
(d) Sculpture
Ans. d
88. According to who mass media are primarily moulders of society as well as reflectors of it?
(a) Denis McQuail
(b) Harold Lasswell
(c) Wilbur Schramm
(d) George Gerbner
Ans. a
89. Selective exposure & selective perception are two concepts of which theory ?
(a) Bullet Theory
(b) Individual Difference Theory
(c) Personal Influence Theory
(d) None of the above
Ans. b
90. Who called his mass communication theory as “cultivation of dominant image patterns” ?
(a) Donald L. Shaw
(b) Maxwell McCombs
(c) Davidson
(d) George Gerbner
Ans. d
91. Who classified his theories on the basis of world’s national media systems ?
(a) Siebertetal
(b) Sandra Ball
(c) Nelvin De Pleur
(d) Geogre Gerbner
Ans. a
92. ‘Liberation Theory’ is also called as
(a) Authoritarian Theory
(b) Social Responsibility Theory
(c) Free Press Theory
(d) Communist Media Theory
Ans. c
93. Soviet Media Theory is another name for
(a) Social Responsibility Theory
(b) Communist Media Theory
(c) Development Communication Theory
(d) Democratic-Participant Media Theory
Ans. b
94. When was censorship introduced on Indian Press ?
(a) 1790
(b) 1792
(c) 1795
(d) 1797
Ans. c
95. When was the first press ordinance issued ?
(a) 1820
(b) 1823
(c) 1826
(d) 1829
Ans. b
96. In which language was ‘Amrita Bazen Patrika’ first published before changing over to English language ?
(a) Hindi
(b) Urdu
(c) Bengali
(d) Punjabi
Ans. c
97. “The Times of India” came into being with the amalgamation of which of these papers?
(a) The Standard & The Telegraph
(b) The Bombay Times & The Courier
(c) The Standard & The Courier
(d) Both a&b
Ans. d
98. Who is known as the ‘father of Indian Cinema’.
(a) Torney
(b) J.F. Madan
(c) Dada Saheb Phalke
(d) Natraj Mudaliar
Ans. c
99. Which media would be ideal to attract the attention of children to sell chocolates to them ?
(a) Radio
(b) Newspapers
(c) TV (advertisements)
(d) Leaflets
Ans. c
100. What is the meaning of circulation in the parlance of the print media ?
(a) Number of copies printed
(b) Number of copies sold.
(c) Number of editions.
(d) None of these
Ans. b

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