Communication MCQs/Practice Questions (UGC NET Updated 2020 Notes)

141. What is Conditional Access System (CAS)
(a) A computer related term
(b) Security for V.V.I.P
(c) A system providing selected channels to a TV subscriber
(d) A visa system of U.S.
Ans. c
142. World’s first sky bus station was inaugurated recently at:
(a) Tees Hazari, Delhi
(b) Madgaon, Goa
(c) Tollygunj, Kolkata
(d) None of these
Ans. b
143. Name the project which will connect all police stations in the country in one network,
Ans. a
144. A colleague who overhears you committing a mistake while teaching in your class points out this to you. How will you react ?
(a) Tell him that you have never committed any mistake
(b) Discuss with him and if convinced thank him and correct it in the next class
(c) Warn him against interfering in such matters.
(d) Request him not to tell it to anybody else.
Ans. b
145. Which of the following styles of action regarding instruction is preferred by you ?
(a) Enrich the textual material by gathering relevant aspects from other books and experts.
(b) Limit learning experiences to what is required by the textual material.
(c) Discuss probable questions so that the students can fare well in the examination.
(d) Ask pupils to read the text book in advance and hold discussions on its basis.
Ans. a
146. The students do not understand what is taught in the class room, the teacher may
(a) Give up the attempt.
(b) Explain in a different way.
(c) Think that it is mere waste of time to continue
(d) Sympathise with the students.
Ans. b
147. Which of the following steps would you consider first as an effective communicator ?
(a) Select the channels of communication.
(b) Plan the evaluation procedure.
(c) Determine the objectives of communication
(d) Identify various means for communication
Ans. c
148. If you are appointed as a teacher what attitude would you maintain towards the pupils ?
(a) Authoritative
(b) Democratic
(c) Lazzifaire
(d) Scholarly
Ans. b
149. The special train meant for spreading awareness about various scientific and technological achievements of the country is
(a) Science and Technology Rail
(b) Great India Train
(c) Vigyan Rail
(d) None of the above
Ans. a
150. While planning education for development which of the following characteristics will you stress ?
(a) All round development of the individual
(b) Development sustainable throughout life
(c) Transferable to all walks of life
(d) All the three above
Ans. d
151. The initial step to be taken by a teacher while introducing a new topic of study
(a) Assessing their previous knowledge
(b) Beginning with group discussions
(c) Giving a broad out line of the topic to be learnt
(d) Showing some audio visual aids
Ans. c
152. The test effectiveness of instruction is
(a) Effectiveness of learning
(b) Sufficient use of audio visual aids.
(c) Maintenance of discipline in the class
(d) Regular attendance of students
Ans. a
153. Which of the following steps do you prefer while transacting the curriculum ?
(a) Present the learning materials in the question answer form and thus ensure good performance in the examination.
(b) Frequently conduct test papers in which question papers resemble those used in public examination.
(c) Explain the concepts and principles clearly and ensure understanding by all.
(d) Present learning activities suited for the realisation of pre-determined instructional objectives
Ans. d
154. You want to instil in the pupils of your class the spirit of democracy. Which of the following strategy do you think, is most efficient for the purpose.
(a) Organise a discussion on the advantages of democracy over other systems and convince the pupils of its superiority.
(b) Conduct election for a class assembly and give the representatives certain responsibilities.
(c) Maintain a democratic atmosphere in your dealings and make the pupils unitedly responsible for class management, sharing duties among themselves.
(d) Invite speakers to the school and make them deliver speeches about world leaders who worked for democracy.
Ans. c
155. Discussion in the class will be most effective if the topic of discussion is
(a) Not introduced by the teacher
(b) Stated immediately before the start of discussion.
(c) Written in the Black Board without introducing it
(d) Informed to the students well in advance.
Ans. d
156. Teacher’s communication will be more effective if
(a) The teacher is a master in his subject.
(b) He prepares a good number of instructional aids.
(c) He discusses previous question papers
(d) He starts from what students already know.
Ans. b
157. The recently launched “Vidya Vahini” is a project related to
(a) School computerisation programme
(b) TV programme related to mass literacy
(c) Establishment of libraries in rural areas
(d) None of these
Ans. d
158. The most critical factor that determines the professional status of a teacher is
(a) Unity among teachers
(b) High salary
(c) Character
(d) Instructional competency
Ans. a
159. The final goal of feed back in a communication system is to
(a) Make necessary modifications in the communication process.
(b) Understand more about the content.
(c) Identify the defects of the communicator.
(d) Detect the limitations of the receiver.
Ans. d
160. The main function of educational Psychology is to provide prospective teachers with :
(a) Rules of thumb to deal with every day class room situation
(b) Insight into the various aspects of modern education.
(c) Insight into the needs, problems and styles of behaviour of learners.
(d) Research procedures for evaluating current teaching procedures.
Ans. a

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