Communication MCQs/Practice Questions (UGC NET Updated 2020 Notes)

161. Failure of the teacher to communicate his 104, ideas well to the students may result into
(a) Classroom indiscipline
(b) Loss of students’ interest in the topic being taught.
(c) Increased number of absentees in the class.
(d) All the above.
Ans. c
162. What will be your ultimate goal while planning instructional procedures ?
(a) To enable all pupils secure high scores in the public examination.
(b) To make classes interesting and meaningful to students.
(c) To ensure that pupils master the learning materials.
(d) To realise all the developmental goals anticipated.
Ans. d
163. India’s first 100 per cent computer literate 106- village is
(a) Chamravattam village (Kerala)
(b) Sasamosa (Bihar)
(c) Guru Nagar (Punjab)
(d) None of these
Ans. d
164. Which of the following, in your opinion, is a clear evidence for positive attitude towards the National Anthem ?
(a) Ability to recite it melodiously
(b) Feeling proud as an Indian when it is heard
(c) Standing silently whenever it is sung in function
(d) Studying its historical and national background and significance.
Ans. a
165. What role would you take up in the developmental programmes of the society ?
(a) Attend discussions and present views.
(b) Closely watch the programmes and printout lapses in time.
(c) Actively participate in their planning and execution.
(d) Encourage social audit and evaluation.
Ans. b
166. The technique adopted to find out the level of acceptability of an individual by members of a group is
(a) Personality testing
(b) Projective techniques
(c) Psychometry
(d) Sociometry
Ans. c
167. Major limitation of mass communication is that
(a) It is very costly for the receiver.
(b) More time is required produce the message.
(c) The success of the programme mainly depends upon the producers.
(d) The feedback system is weak.
Ans. d
168. For problematic situations are given below :
(i) A student is abnormally withdrawing in nature
(ii) A considerable number of students always score low in your subject
(iii) Students of your class are found to create disturbances in the class of a particular teacher.
(iv) In spite of warning most of the students of a class are irregular with assignments.
Which of these warrant action research ?
(a) All the four
(b) (i),(ii)and(iv)
(c) (ii) and (iii)
(d) (ii)and(iv)
Ans. d
169. Which of the following provides more freedom for the learners to interact actively ?
(a) Small group discussions
(b) Use of film projector
(c) Viewing of the television
(d) Lecture by experts
Ans. d
170. Programmed instruction is a direct application of which of the following ?
(a) Cognitive Development theory
(b) Reinforcement Theory
(c) Humanistic Psychology
(d) Classical Conditioning theory
Ans. a
171. Which of the following can make a class most effective ?
(a) Making the learning experiences learner centred
(b) Keeping the students relaxed while teaching
(c) Explaining the subject matter clearly and loudly
(d) Keeping strict discipline in the class
Ans. b
171. After attending an inservice course you are offered one book from among the four listed below. Which one will be your first preference ?
(a) A novel written by a famous author
(b) A book on innovative instructional strategies.
(c) The autobiography of your favourite political leader
(d) A book or the philosophy of Rousseau
Ans. a
172. The Education Department invites projects or action research on instructional problems related to your subject of specialisation. How will you react to this ?
(a) Prepare a project in case you have ex-perienced a genuine complex problem.
(b) Prepare a project on any problem that might be faced by teachers
(c) Do not act to the invitation at all.
(d) Prepare a project in case an award is declared.
Ans: b
173. There is a suggestion to a group of students according to their ability. In that case which group will you prefer ?
(a) The brilliant group
(b) Average group
(c) The backward group
(d) No special preference
Ans. a
174. Communication will be effective if it is
(a) Delivered slowly and clearly
(b) Delivered using appropriate media
(c) Received as intended by the sender
(d) Received immediately
Ans. d
175. Which of the following helps a learner best to consolidate knowledge in the cognitive structure ?
(a) Explaining the subject matter to others.
(b) Reading more and more library books.
(c) Depending on a number of guide books.
(d) Closely attending to what the teacher tells.
Ans. c
176. The most important reason why the present education system has to be modified is
(a) It does not provide for harmonious development of a student.
(b) It is very old.
(c) It is too theoretical
(d) It cannot cope up with modem developments.
Ans. a
177. The Library and information Science Depart-ment of Mysore University has taken up an ambitious project which aims to create an online data base of all doctoral theses and dissertations published by Indian Universities. The project sponsored by the Union Sci-ence and Technology Ministry is known as
(a) VidyaBharti
(b) VidyaBahini
(c) March Ahead
(d) Vidya Nidhi
Ans. d
178. Which special train will be spreading aware-ness about various scientific and technologi¬cal achievements of the country.
(a) RailVigyan
(b) VigyanRail
(c) Science Rail
(d) Science and Technology Rail
Ans. d
179. The teacher should provide an opportunity for cooperative learning (peer learning) as it
(a) encourages self study habits among the students.
(b) prepares the students to learn by sharing experiences and expertise
(c) helps students in decision making
(d) helps students in collecting authentic information
Ans. b
180. Which of the following will not hamper effective communication in the class ?
(a) A lengthy statement
(b) An ambiguous statement
(c) A precise statement
(d) A statement which allows the listener to draw his own conclusion.
Ans. d

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