Communication Free Study Material (UGC NET Paper 1 Updated Notes 2020)


1. In the Individual Context
(i) It provides knowledge
(ii) It gives way to commercial success.
(iii) It enforces and adjusts behavioural patterns
(iv) It helps in socialisation
(v) It creates legends

2. In the social context
(i) It educates people and makes them capable on various fronts
(ii) It persuades the targeted subjects to buy products and /or services;
(iii) It generates enthusiasm in the minds of the targeted subjects to develop or modify views on particular issues; and
(iv) It dissuades them from eschewing some habits, products or services that are harmful to them or to the society in general.
(v) It provides information.
(vi) It helps in social revolution and transformation.
(vii) It performs incidental neutral functions
(viii) It builds an image of individuals or of non-business organisations in the minds of the masses.

3. In the organisational context
(i) It serves as an essential tool for direction
(ii) It assists in decision making
(iii) It keeps the employees enlightened.
(iv) It informs the employees informed about their obligations.
(v) It builds good employer – employee relations
(vi) It facilitates the basic management process.
(vii) It directs with finesse.
(viii) It interacts with the members of the external environments.
(ix) It acts as a basis for MBO.
(x) It co-ordinates employee’s actions.
(xi) It promotes leadership effectiveness.
(xii) It gives feedback of the lower cadres.
(xiii) It evaluates performances for control.

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