Human Resource Management/Personnel Management

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Human Resource Management/Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations/Labour and Social Welfare

This section covers maximum topics of Human Resource Management.


Schools of Management Thought- Scientific Management School,Human Relations School,Behaviour School,System Approach.

Function of Management -PlanningTypes,Steps,Organising,Direction,Control,Coordination,Communication.


Personnel Management : Functions, Structure of Personnel Department, Line and Staff, Job analysis, Manpower Planning, New Challenges.

Recruitment and Selection, Placement and Induction

Wage and Salary administration, job evaluation, Method of wage payment, linking wages with productivity.

Grievance handling and Disciplinary action.


HRD Concept, Importance, Evolution, Functions, Organisation of HRD Function.

Performance appraisal, Training and Development, Quality of work life, Career planning, Quality circles.

Training Programmes for workers, Management Development Programmes, Evaluation of training.