Job Description – Meaning, Definitions, Content, Advantages and Limitations

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  1. Working Conditions

The physical environment of the job is described in terms of heat, light, noise level, dust and fumes etc. Nature of risk (hazards) and their possibility of occurrence are also given.

  1. Social Environment

Size of work group and inter- personal interactions required to perform the job are given. Training and development facilities may also be mentioned.

  1. Machines, Tools and Equipment

The names of major machine, equipment and materials used in the job are described.

  1. Supervision

The extent of supervision given or received is stated in terms of number of persons to be supervised along with their job titles. Designations of immediate superiors and subordinates may also be given.

  1. Relation to other Jobs

The jobs immediately below and above are mentioned. It provides an idea of vertical work flow and channels of promotion. It also indicates to whom the jobholder will report and who will report to him.

Specimen of Job Description

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