Management Code 17 Study Material (CBSE/UGC NET Paper 2)

Management (CBSE/UGC NET Paper 2


Unit 1

Management – Concept, Process, Theories and Approaches, Management Roles and Skills Functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Coordinating and Controlling. Communication – Types, Process and Barriers. Decision Making – Concept, Process, Techniques and Tools Organisation Structure and Design – Types, Authority, Responsibility, Centralisation, Decentralisation and Span of Control Managerial Economics – Concept & Importance Demand analysis – Utility Analysis, Indifference Curve, Elasticity & Forecasting Market Structures – Market Classification & Price Determination National Income – Concept, Types and Measurement Inflation – Concept, Types and Measurement Business Ethics & CSR Ethical Issues & Dilemma Corporate Governance Value Based Organisation

Management Unit 1 Study Material
Management Unit 1 MCQs

Unit 2 (Organisational Behaviour)

Organisational Behaviour – Significance & Theories
Individual Behaviour – Personality, Perception, Values, Attitude, Learning and Motivation
Group Behaviour – Team Building, Leadership, Group Dynamics
Interpersonal Behaviour & Transactional Analysis
Organizational Culture & Climate
Work Force Diversity & Cross Culture Organisational Behaviour
Emotions and Stress Management
Organisational Justice and Whistle Blowing
Human Resource Management – Concept, Perspectives, Influences and Recent Trends
Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Induction, Training and Development
Job Analysis, Job Evaluation and Compensation Management

Study Material (Organisational Behaviour)
MCQs (Organisational Behaviour)

Unit 3 (Human Resource Management)

Concepts and perspectives in HRM, HRM in changing environment, Human resource planning-objective, process and techniques, Job analysis, Job description, Selecting human resource, Induction, Training and Development, Exit policy and implications, Performance appraisal and evaluation, Potential assessment, Job evaluation,Wage determination, Industrial Relations and Trade Unions, Dispute resolution and Grievance management, Labour Welfare and Social security measures.

Study Material (Human Resource Management)
MCQs (Human Resource Management)

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