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Cronin and Tylor proposed that perceptions of performance are the only criteria to measure and define service quality and brought out SERVPERF model.They investigated the conceptualization and measurement of serviced quality and the relationaships between service quality,consumer satisfaction and purchase intentions.Their work focused on trying to overcome the “perceptions-minus-expectations” measurement focus of SERVQUAL.The development of the SERVPERF model aimed to provide an alternative method of measuring perceived service quality and the significance of the relationships between service quality,customer satisfaction and purchase intentions.In investigating these concepts and the interrelationships between them they argued that:

  • A performance based measure of service quality may be an improved means of measuring the service quality construct.
  • Service quality is an antecedent of customer satisfaction
  • Consumer satisfaction has a significance effect on purchase intentions and
  • Service has less effect on purchase intentions than consumer satisfaction.

As a result they presented a performance based measurement,SERVPERF.The  SERVPERF scale was created mainly in response to the criticism of the SERVQUAL scale.It particulary sought not to use disconfirmation-based measures as that was perceived to be flaw in the SERVQUAL scale.

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