Meaning, Definition and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the ability of a computer system to respond accurately to verbal commands. The user communicates with the application through the appropriate input device i.e. a microphone. The Recognizer converts the analog signal into digital signal for the speech processing. A stream of text is generated after the processing. This source-language text becomes input to the Translation Engine, which converts it to the target language text.

  1. Expert System

They are knowledge intensive programs that solve problems in a domain that needs a good technical expertise. These knowledge based applications of artificial intelligence have enhanced productivity in business, science, engineering, and military. Expert systems are concerned with the automation of tasks like medical diagnosis, equipment repair, financial planning and computer configuration.

  1. Robotics

A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electromechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry, and thus a type of an Embedded system. A human can make decision and perform the action but technology is developing so that it can be done by machines.

  1. E- Commerce

E – Commerce is a very broad and multi-disciplinary field of study and research as it involves Computer Science, Engineering, law, Business and Management, etc. In computer Science, there is a new field of research on the use of artificial intelligence(AI) techniques in E- Commerce. Some applications related to E- commerce could be e-broker and automatic negotiation.

  1. Theorem Proving

Automated Theorem Proving is an area of study to get computers to prove logical and mathematical statements. To prove Boolean Algebra theorems as a humans we first try to prove Lemma., i.e it tell us whether the Theorem is having feasible solution or not. If the theorem having feasible solution we will try to prove it otherwise discard it., In the same way whether the AI system will react to prove Lemma before trying to attempting to prove a theorem., is the focus of this application area of research.

  1. Vision Systems

These systems understand, interpret, and comprehend visual input on the computer. For example, A spying aeroplane takes photographs, which are used to figure out spatial information or map of the areas. Police use computer software that can recognize the face of criminal with the stored portrait made by forensic artist.

  1. Understanding Natural Language

It is a field of AI which deals with the methods of communicating with a computer in one’s own natural language. This will fill the gap between the humans and the machines. So now one need not be computer literate to communicate with it.

Meaning, Definition and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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