Method Study Procedure


Develop the most practical, economic and effective method having due regard to all contingent circumstances. various alternatives would have. been evolved for each activity during the examination stage and depending on the implications, some of the alternatives be chosen for development. Under each governing considerations like purpose, means, ‘ ,sequence, place and person there may be any number of suitable alternatives generated. In developing the new method the economics and productivity of these suggestions when the job is viewed as a whole must be determined. Each of the developed methods’ would have to be again evaluated and the best chosen for implementation. In determining the best method, economic considera- 40 tion such as, cost of implementation and expected savings, feasibility; acceptance and reaction of employees would all have to be taken into account.


Define the new method in a clear manner and present it to those concerned,i.e management,supervisors and workers.After the proposal plan is finalized,it is reduced to writing to provide continous guidance to the key persons in the organization. The written standard practice should give a clear description of

(I) the diagram of work place layout and if possible, the sketches of special tools, jigs or fixtures

(2) the tools and equipments to be used,

(3) general operating conditions

(4) a description of new method. The. details of description of new method will depend on the nature of the job and the volume of production


Install the method as standard practice and train the persons involved in applying it.The implementation is successful if the top management has developed faith and interest in the new plan and can motivate the personnel down the line. Installation will require the active support of all concerned and it is by no means a simple job.


Maintain the method by regular routine checks.Introduce control procedures to prevent a drifting back to the previous method of work.The top leaders must learn the art of dealing with the interest groups and the pressure groups,who may oppose the running of the new method on flimsy grounds. e, when the new method is operating. detailed supervision is necessary until managements are satisfied that the scheme is operating satisfactorily. Unless the new method is observed for some time after installation the expected results may not be reused. Changes may creep in which lead to. a less of efficiency and external conditions may alter. On the other hand some changes may improve efficiency and will show up in operation. Therefore, during the ‘maintain’ period reviews are carried out at the necessary frequency in order to see that the planned results are achieved and if possible improved.

8. Review

The main aim of reviewing is to discover whether there are any discrepancies between authorized procedure and current practice at the time of review.Reasons for any variation in the method must be investigated.Where the review reveals that there are undesirable variations in the method,measures should be taken through supervision to ensure that the method reverts to the authorized procedure.


Method Study Procedure

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