Notices-Definition and Essential Elements



The statement that contains the particulars of holding a meeting is known as notice. It is one kind of request to the members for attending the meeting.The date,time,place and agenda are informed through the notice.It may be oral or written.


A notice is formal written or formal information, notification or warning about a fact or an invitation to the concerned person for attending the meeting.

Essential elements or factors of a valid notice

The essentials or elements or factors of a valid nonce are given below:

  • Signature: The notice must be signed by the proper authority. Only the legal authority should serve the notice.
  • Proper time: The notice must be served in proper time. It should be circulated according to the rules and regulations of the company or the organization.
  • Time date and place: The time, date and place of the meeting must be stated in the notice.
  • Unconditional: There must be no condition or complexity in the notice about attending meeting. Always a notice is unconditional.
  • Agenda: Agenda means topics to be discussed in a meeting. A valid notice should contain the agenda of the meeting.
  • Conciseness: The notice must be short in size. It should be clear, simple and easy.
  • Proper persons: Notice should be served to the proper persons who are entitled to attend the meeting.
  • Enclosure: An explanatory statement should be sent with the notice.
Notices-Definition and Essential Elements

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