Nouns Exercise

Spotting Errors

Exercise I


In case of these questions, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

  1. He is one (A) of the shrewdest men (B) that is (C) in the (D) administration.
  2. You (A) must carry (B) you luggages (C)  yourself (D).  No error (E)
  3. The offsprings (A) of this species(B)  leave their parents as soon as (C) they mature. No error ( D)
  4. All his family members (A) are lovers (B) of dance and music (C) . No error (D)
  5. The government (A) should pay attention(B) to the problems (C) of the poors.(D)
  6. The jury(A)  were (B) divided in their (C) opinion. No error( D)
  7. He is one of (A)  the most important people (B) in my life . (C) No error (D)
  8. The sceneries(A) of the Himalayas (B) keep (C) beckoning us. No error (D)
  9. Many sophisticated aircraft (A)  have (B) been purchased(C) by the  India Air Force recently. No error (D)
  10. These pieces of jewellery (A)  is  (B) designed by a (C)  highly acclaimed designer. No error (D)

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Fill in the blank

Exercise -II


Fill in blanks with correct word .

  1. Look at the ………. of cobras in the zoo.

A. Quiver

B. Troop

C. Brood


        2. I saw a …………of colorful parrots at the zoo last week.

A. Company

B. Gaggle

C. Fleet

D. Bunch

       3. He refused to give me ………….  About the new project.

A. Any information

B. Information

C. Informations

D. Some informations

      4. She had …………….. when she was younger

A. Long hairs

B. Long hair

C. Many hairs

D. Many long hairs

       5. In the morning I watched the flock of  …….. from the door through the mist, sailing in the middle of the pond.

A. Goose

B. Geese

C. Gooses

D. Geeses

        6. Peter caught six ………on the trip.

A. Fish

B. Fishes

C. Fish’s

D. Fishes’

         7. This was one of the few great ……. of Indian history.

A. Epoches

B. Epoch

C. Epochs

D. Epoces

       8. The Press should be asked to refrain from publishing any information relative to movement of  warships,                       troops, and ……….

A. Aircrafts


C. Aircraftes

D. Aircraft’s

        9. Twinkle was wearing a blue shirt and blue ….

A. Jean

B. Jeanes

D. Geans

D. Jeans

        10. Her …….black with mud and her left knee bloody.

A. Trousers were

B. Trouser were

C.Trouser was

D. Trouser is


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