Placing orders

Placing Orders


After selecting the best seller through the comparative statement,a buyer moves on the next step namely to buy the product.An order is to be placed with selected seller.A letter containing the order is prepared and sent to the seller.For doing so,the following points should be kept in mind:

  • The order should be firm and clear
  • Mention the quality,specifications,make sample and other details accurately.These parameters should tally with the quotations already invited.
  • The next important thing is to specify the quantity you want.Also state the price per unit of the item.
  • In most of the quotations the mode of transport,viz. passenger train,goods train,truck etc. would be stated.But if it is not,od mention the way you want it.
  • Mentions the period of executing the order,mode of payment.
  • Goods may sometimes get destroyed during transportation.Hence proper packing and safe transportation should be made the responsibility of the seller.Mention that in the order.If desired,get them insured against fire,theft and damage.
  • If required introduce compensation clause.In case the supply is not received on time,suitable compensation shall be levied.
  • State the full address of the place where the goods need to be delivered.



Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for your quotations No…dated…We should be grateful if you could arrange  to deliver the following items at ED 1131, Tagore Garden,Near Kukreja Hospital, within a fortnight.

Name of item             Quantity                  Rate

Letter Heads                1000                   Rs 3:00 Each

Visiting Cards              1000                  Rs 00.85 Each

Brochure                       2000                  Rs 3:00 Each


Sales Tax.@ 14% shall be paid extra over and above the rates mentioned.Entire payment shall be released through ICICI Bank within ten days of the receipt of the goods.


Thanking you

Yours truly


(R.L Kapoor)

General Manager


Placing orders

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