Report Writing-Characteristics,Structure and Types (How to write report?)

Report Writing


Reports are vital to the communicative needs of all types of organizations.They contribute to the decision making process at all organizational levels.Scientists,executives and professionals before they proceed further with their investigations,examine the existing reports in a specific area. Hence writing report is a flexible teaching-learning-practicing tool specially designed to help students and employees develop general research,identify the problem and reporting skill.

Characteristics of a Good Report Structure

1.Clear Structure

A report should have a clear,logical structure.A good structure will help to decide where to put each fact or idea.

2. Selectivity

Selectivity in words is very important.Careful choice of words enables to convey the meaning in correct way

3. Objectivity

Report is not an essay .It deals with a problem for purpose.Therefore it is important to look at all sides of the problem without being biased.It is important to keep own conventions,beliefs,likes and dislikes at side.

4. Accuracy

The report should be factually accurate.Therefore it is important to verify the facts before framing them into a report.There should not be nay space for misguidance and misinformation.The information given should be accurate.

5. Clarity

The report should be clear enough to answer the questions in the minds of the readers.

6. Simplicity

Difficult vocabulary and complicated sentences do not enhance the quality of report.Short sentences and straight forward language should be used.

7. Sections and subsections

Each point should fit logically into sections.One section should contain one point which can be further discussed in sub-sections.Do not have too much material in each section.

8. Headings and Sub-headings

Have a sequence of headings and sub-headings which will help the readers to find the information they need. One word headings are often vague and misleading. Good headings will give your readers an overview of your plan.

9. Conclusion

Conclude with raising key issues and points,with suggestions for research/practice as appropriate.

10. Sensitivity

Maintain sensitivity to problems and processes of research undertaken for example, ethics, communication,

negotiation and collaboration.

Report Writing-Characteristics,Structure and Types (How to write report?)

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