Resume-Purpose,Types,Preparing,Difference between Resume and C.V. (How to prepare Resume)




A resume is a self-marketing tool. It is designed with one purpose in mind – to “sell” your skills, knowledge, and experience to an employer so that he/she will invite you for an interview. An effective resume speaks to the employer’s needs and requirements and demonstrates a match between what you have to offer and those requirements. It stimulates interest in you by summarizing information: unique qualities, well developed skills, relevant work or academic experiences, or accomplishments that clearly differentiates you from the competition.

It needs to demonstrate:

  • That you are employable
  • How you meet the job and the organization’s requirements
  • That you have the right qualifications and education
  • That you have the right experience and skills
  • That you have the right level of professionalism for the job

Types of Resumes

1.The Chronological Resume

The most traditional way to organize a resume is chronologically. It lists work experience or education in reverse chronological order.Describes responsibilities and accomplishments associated with each job or educational experience.

When in Use

  • When last employer is well known highly respected.
  • When job history shows progressively more responsible positions.
  • You are applying to a traditional organization.

When not to Use

  • When jobs has been changed frequently.
  • When you are changing your career goals.
  • You have been away from the job market for sometime.
  • You are applying for your first job.

2. The Functional Resume

In functional resume you emphasized your areas of competence by  organizing around a list of accomplishments and then identifying tour employers and academic experience in subordinate sections.

When in Use

  • You want to emphasize capabilities not used in recent jobs.
  • You are changing careers.
  • You are entering the job market for the first time or are re-entering after an absence.
  • Your past career progression has been disappointing.
  • You have held a variety of unrelated jobs.
  • Your work has been of a freelance or temporary nature.

When not to use

  • You want to emphasize your career progress.
  • You have performed a limited number of functions.
  • Your most recent employers are well known and prestigious.
  • You are applying to a traditional organizing.

3. The Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is organized to focus attention on what you can do for a particular employer in a particular position.Immediately after stating your career objective,you list any capabilities that pertain to it.

What in Use

  • You are very clear about you job target.
  • You have several career objectives and want a separate resume for each.
  • You want to emphasize capabilities that you may not have performed for a regular employer.

What not in use

  • You want to use one resume for several applications.
  • You are not clear about your capabilities or accomplishments.
  • You are just starting your career and have little experience.
Resume-Purpose,Types,Preparing,Difference between Resume and C.V. (How to prepare Resume)

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