The Juran’s Philosophy

The Juran’s Philosophy


Juran was a great Founding Father of quality, and was responsible for the famous Juran Trilogy concept. Juran’s approach to quality control  had Japanese roots. While Japan was price-competitive with the rest of the world, the quality of product did not measure up. This quality philosophy consists of three steps: Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement.

Quality Planning

 The quality planning phase is the activity of developing products and processes to meet customers’ needs.  involves building an awareness of the need to improve, setting goals and planning for ways goals can be reached. This begins with management’s commitment to planned change. It also requires a highly trained and qualified staff. It deals with setting goals and establishing the means required to reach the goals. Below are the steps in the quality planning process:

  • Establish quality goals
  • Identify the customers: those who will be impacted by the efforts to meet the goals
  • Determine the customer’s needs
  • Develop processes that can produce the product to satisfy customers’ needs and meet quality goals under operating conditions.
  • Establish process controls, and transfer the resulting plans to the operating forces

Quality Control

 This process deals with the execution of plans and it includes monitoring operations so as to detect differences between actual performance and goals. means to develop ways to test products and services for quality. Any deviation from the standard will require changes and improvements. It is outlined with three steps:

  • Evaluate actual quality performance
  • Compare actual performance to quality goals
  • Act on the difference

Quality Improvement

 It is a continuous pursuit toward perfection. Management analyses processes and systems and reports back with praise and recognition when things are done right This is the process is for obtaining breakthrough in quality performance, and it consists of several steps:

  • Establish the infrastructure needed to secure annual quality improvement
  • Identify the specific needs for improvement- the improvement projects
  • Establish project teams with clear responsibility for bringing the project to a successful conclusion
  • Provide the resources, motivation, and training needed by the teams to- diagnose the cause, stimulate establishment of remedies, and establish controls to hold the gains.
The Juran’s Philosophy

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