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 What is the theme of 24th World Energy Congress (2019)
(a) Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today
(b) Energy Transition Towards 2050
(c) Energy for Prosperity
(d) Embracing new sources of energy
Correct answer is option c (Energy for Prosperity)
The World Energy Council hosts the World Energy Congress, which is the world’s largest and most influential energy event covering all aspects of the energy agenda. Staged every three years, the Congress provides a platform for energy leaders and experts in all aspects of the sector to address the challenges and opportunities facing suppliers and consumers of energy. The 2019 edition will take place in Abu Dhabi from 9-12 September.
The World Energy Council is a global and inclusive forum for thought-leadership and tangible engagement with headquarters in London. Its mission is ‘To promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people’.
The idea for the foundation of the Council came from Daniel Nicol Dunlop in the 1920s. He wanted to gather experts from all around the world to discuss current and future energy issues. He organised in 1923 first national committees, which organised the first World Power Conference (WPC) in 1924.
Dunlop was elected as its first Secretary General.In 1968 the name was changed to World Energy Conference, and in 1989 it became the World Energy Council. The World Energy Council’s publications include annual releases like the World Energy Trilemma Index, which compares Energy security, equity and environmental sustainability on a country-by-country basis as well as Insights Briefs on current energy topics such as Blockchain.

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