1. Equal to the occasion : able to cope with circumstances

           He does not need any assistance, he himself is equal to the occasion.

  1. To wait for the cat to jump : delay taking action until you see how events will turn out

           They are waiting for the cat to jump before they could take the final decision.

  1. Eye to eye : to agree

           I do not see eye to eye with you atleast on this point

  1. Fair and square : honestly, with absolute accuracy

           I can believe only those who are fair and square in their dealings.

  1. French leave : leave without permission

          He is enjoying French leave because he has no earned leave.

  1. To flog the dead horse : do useless task

           He will never stand first , he is flogging a dead horse by working so hard.

  1. First and foremost : most important

          It is my first and foremost duty to help the poor.

  1. To follow the suit : to do the same as someone else has just done

           You should raise voice, others will follow the suit.

  1. Forgone conclusion : known before hand

          It was my foregone conclusion that he will not agree with you.

  1. Fall out : quarrel

          The two friends fell out on the distribution of money.

  1. Fan the flame : to increase evil

           Do not fan the flame of communalism in a secular state.

  1. Feather one’s own nest : to make money by dishonest means

           He is a selfish person and always tries to  feather his own nest.

  1. From hand to mouth : satisfying only one’s immediate needs because of lack of money for future plans and investments

           His father earned very little  so their family lived from hand to mouth.

  1. Under the weather : to feel sick

          She is not coming to the college, she is under the weather.

  1. A wild cat strike : unauthorized strike

          Three high-profile wildcat strikes have caught business watchers by surprise.

  1. From pillar to post : from one place to another

           He had to roam from pillar to post for getting a job.

  1. To fish in troubled water : to take undue advantage of other’s difficulties

           Landlords by raising rents fished in troubled water.

  1. Lose or win by a neck : to win by a small amount or narrow margin

          Both are equally talented, one may lose or win by a neck.

  1. To find fault with : to criticize

          He continues to find fault with his employee which is demotivating them.

  1. To fall back upon : to depend on something when in difficulty

           The family has no savings to fall back on.

  1. Stand to reason : to be logical and reasonable

           If her best friend is not going, it stands to reason that she won’t want to go either

  1. Fall short of : to be deficient

          He would have been a success but he fell short of funds.

  1. The gift of gab : the power of speech

           It with the help of the gift of gab that he convinces everybody.

  1. To grope in the dark : to search in vain

           He does not know anything about this course, he is still groping in dark.

  1. To grease the palm : to bribe

           To get this job by talent is not enough, you’ll have to grease their  palms.

  1. True to their salt : faithful to their employers

           I can speak against them, I am true to their salt.

  1. Show one teeth : threatening manner

          Come on, he is angry right now, he is showing his teeth.

  1. Take stock of : to survey

           He will take stock of the coordination mechanism between the two departments.

  1. In full swing : going well and actively

          The party was in full swing when we arrived.

  1. Smell a rat : to suspect

           I don’t think its an accident. I can smell the rat.

  1. To gird up one’s loins : to get ready

           He gird up his lions to fight him.

  1. To gain ground : to become popular

           This rumour is gaining ground and will soon become known to everyone.

  1. To get into hot water: to be in trouble

          If you speak against him in meeting ,you will get into hot water with your boss.

  1. In hand : control

           She should take all the responsibilities in her hand now.

  1. Bad blood : bitterness

           There has been bad blood between the two brothers for years.

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