Brand Identity – Meaning, Definitions and Components

Components/Elements of Brand Identity

The brand can be perceived as a product, a personality, a set of values, and a position it occupies in consumer’s minds. Brand identity is all that an organization wants the brand to be considered as. It is a feature linked with a specific company, product, service or individual. It is a way of externally expressing a brand to the world.

1. Brand name

To create brand awareness and brand association every brand should have his own name to identify itself and differentiate itself from others. As an allusive brand name, Apple is associated with products of high quality, using innovative technologies based on creativity and imagination. The high quality, excellence and performance give value to the customers.

2. Logo’s and symbols

Logo’s and symbols are a valuable way for consumers to connect with a brand. There are different logo’s and symbols: corporate names and trademarks, non-word logo’s. When you see the little Apple logo, people immediately know that it’s the logo of the Apple company. It’s a non-word logo, but it refers to the company name Apple. One of the most famous corporate logo in the world, is the apple logo. It is used on all apple products around the world. It has proven so effective, and so innovative, that the company does not even put the company’s name on it. Through its innovative logo and marketing system, it has created brand awareness through the apple logo, without using their name.

3. Characters and celebrity/athlete endorsements

Some brands use characters and famous people. Characters have been used for decades to connect consumers with brand awareness, whether it is a fictional character or an celebrity/athlete endorsement. Both of them can help to communicate key product benefits through advertising channels (Keller.) Apple uses famous people in their ads. For example the use of U2 and Coldplay in commercials to push people to buy iPods.

4. Slogans

A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose Like Apple using the slogan: “think different”

5. Jingles

A jingle is normally musical and is used so that people can recall the jingle and associate it with the brand that uses the jingle.

6. Packaging of brands

Packaging of a brand can be very useful to identify the brand and create a strong brand association. Apple always uses a white box with the Apple logo on it to package its products.

Brand Identity – Meaning, Definitions and Components

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