Food Biotechnology

Food Adulteration –Rules and Regulations

Food Adulteration –Rules and Regulations The Government of India is fully aware to the possibilities of food being adulterated. It has therefore, empowered several agencies and promulgated a number of acts and orders to contract the menace. Agencies and institutions have also been created to lay down standards for the quality of foods. The manner […]

Spoilage of Milk and Milk products

Milk Spoilage Microorgaisms cause changes in primary characteristics and properties of milk and milk products. The product defects depends on the specific species and number of microorganisms involved in pre and post technological processing. Mostly these changes are related to smell, flavor or consistency. Milk is an excellent culture medium for many kinds of microorganisms, […]

Spoilage of Fish and other Sea Foods

Fish and sea food may be spoiled by autolysis, oxidation, or bacterial activity or most commonly by combination of these. Most fish flesh, however is considered more perishable than meat because of more rapid autolysis by the fish enzymes and because of the less acid reaction of fish flesh that favors microbial growth. Factors influencing […]

Spoilage of Fruits and Vegetables

Spoilage of Vegetables and fruits The deterioration of raw vegetables and fruits may result from physical factors action of their own enzymes, microbial action, or combinations of these agencies. Mechanical damage resulting from action of animals, birds or insects or from bruising, wounding, freezing or other mishandling may predispose toward increased enzymatic action or the […]

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