Human Resource Management

The Central Trade Unions

The Central Trade Unions Local, firm-level or industry-level trade unions are often affiliated to larger Federations. The largest Federations in the country represent labour at the National level and are known as Central Trade Union Organizations (CTU or CTUO). To acquire status as a CTUO, a trade union federation must have a verified membership of at […]

Quality Circle – Features, Organizational Structure and Phases

Quality Circle – Meaning, Definitions, Features, Techniques and Advantages   Topics Covered i. Concept of Quality Circles ii. Meaning of Quality Circles iii. Definition of Quality Circles iv. Features of Quality Circles v. Objectives of Quality Circles vi. Techniques used in Quality Circles vii. Organizational Structure of Quality Circles viii. Developing a Quality Circle/ Phases […]

Training and Development – Human Resource Management – MBA/BBA

Training and  Development- Need, Types, Steps, Methods and Effectiveness At the enterprise level, employee training and development are main areas of human resource development. The efficiency of an organisation depends directly on the capability and talent of its personnel, and how motivated they are. Capability of a person depends on his ability to work and […]

Performance Appraisal- Meaning, definition, process, methods,essentials and problems.

Performance Appraisal Meaning Performance Appraisal is the process of evaluating an employee’s performance of a job in terms of its requirements. Performance appraisal involves assessment of the actual performance of an employee against what is expected of him/her. Such assessment is the basis for awarding promotions, effecting transfers or assessing training needs. According to Flippo  […]

Job Description

Job Description Meaning Job description is a list which containing tasks or functions and responsibility of a position which are to be performed. Job description is a written statement mentioning the job title, tasks to be performed, duties and responsibilities involved in a job. It also mentions the working conditions, hazards, stress and other problems […]

Job Analysis – Meaning, Definitions, Features, Purpose, Process and Techniques

Job Analysis Meaning, Definitions, Features, Important Terms, Procecss, Purpose and Techniques     Meaning Job analysis is the complete study of the job. It is a procedure by which facts with respect to each and every aspect of the job are discovered systematically. It refers to the anatomy of the job. Definitions According to US […]

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