Indifference Curve – Meaning, Nature, Assumptions, Properties and Limitations

Indifference Curve Meaning, Nature, Assumptions, Properties and Limitations Meaning and Nature of Indifference Curve The realms of consumer behavior were expanded to new horizons with the introduction of indifference curve analysis by J.R. Hicks and R.G.D. Allen. The crux of this analysis is that utility is ordinally measurable. From the above discussion on ordinal approach, […]

Monetary Policy – Free BBA Notes/ MBA Notes

Monetary Policy Meaning, Objectives, Instruments, Transmission mechanism and limitations in developed and developing economies.   Meaning Monetary policy includes the actions of a central bank, currency board or any other regulatory committee that determines the size and rate of growth of the money supply, which in turn affects interest rates. It implies the regulation of […]

Demand Pull and Cost Push Inflation

Demand Pull and Cost Push Inflation 1. Demand Pull Inflation The demand-pull inflation occurs when the aggregate demand increases at a much higher rate than the aggregate supply. In other words, demand-pull inflation occurs when, given the aggregate supply, aggregate demand increases substantially. Increase in aggregate demand may be caused by i. monetary factors, i.e. […]

Inflation – Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics, Causes and types

Inflation Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics, Causes and types Meaning Inflation is a global phenomenon in present-day times. There is hardly any country in the capitalist world today which is not afflicted by the specter of inflation. Inflation is a sustained rise in the average level of prices. Notice, the word sustained. Inflation does not mean a […]

Business Cycle/Trade Cycle – Meaning, Definitions, Features, Phases and Theories

Business Cycle/Trade Cycle Meaning, Definitions, Features, Phases and Theories Business cycle is the periodic up and down movements in economic activities. It is also know as economic cycle or trade cycle It has been seen that economic activities measured in terms of production, employment and income move in a cyclical manner over a period of […]

The Central Trade Unions

The Central Trade Unions Local, firm-level or industry-level trade unions are often affiliated to larger Federations. The largest Federations in the country represent labour at the National level and are known as Central Trade Union Organizations (CTU or CTUO). To acquire status as a CTUO, a trade union federation must have a verified membership of at […]

Quality Circle – Features, Organizational Structure and Phases

Quality Circle – Meaning, Definitions, Features, Techniques and Advantages   Topics Covered i. Concept of Quality Circles ii. Meaning of Quality Circles iii. Definition of Quality Circles iv. Features of Quality Circles v. Objectives of Quality Circles vi. Techniques used in Quality Circles vii. Organizational Structure of Quality Circles viii. Developing a Quality Circle/ Phases […]

Training and Development – Human Resource Management – MBA/BBA

Training and  Development- Need, Types, Steps, Methods and Effectiveness At the enterprise level, employee training and development are main areas of human resource development. The efficiency of an organisation depends directly on the capability and talent of its personnel, and how motivated they are. Capability of a person depends on his ability to work and […]

Performance Appraisal- Meaning, definition, process, methods,essentials and problems.

Performance Appraisal Meaning Performance Appraisal is the process of evaluating an employee’s performance of a job in terms of its requirements. Performance appraisal involves assessment of the actual performance of an employee against what is expected of him/her. Such assessment is the basis for awarding promotions, effecting transfers or assessing training needs. According to Flippo  […]

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