Service Marketing and Brand Management

Brand Resonance Pyramid

  Brand Resonance Pyramid   Definition  The Brand Resonance refers to the relationship that a consumer has with the product and how well he can relate with it. The resonance is the intensity of customer’s psychological connection with the brand and the randomness to recall the brand in different consumption situations. Meaning Brand resonance is characterized by […]

Brand Equity Concept – Brand Management – BBA Notes/MBA Notes

Brand Equity Concept   Meaning, Definitions and Factors   Meaning Brand equity is the value that a brand adds to a product. That value is determined by consumer perception of and experiences with the brand. If people think highly of a brand, it has positive brand equity. When a brand consistently under-delivers and disappoints to […]

E-services and its Importance

E-services and Importance The concept of e-service ( electronic service) represents one prominent application of utilizing the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in different areas. E-services, a business concept developed by Hewlett Packard (HP), is the idea that the World Wide Web is moving beyond e-business and e-commerce  into a new phase where many business services can be provided for a […]

Perceived Service Quality Model

Perceived Service Quality Model    In 1982, Christian Gronroos, of the Swedish School of Economic, Helsinki, Finland, introduced The Perceived Service Quality Model . According to Gronroos, service quality studies and subsequent model development has from the beginning beenbased on what customers perceive as quality.  In other words, service quality is an outgrowth of the marketing concept; […]


The SERVPERF Model   Cronin and Tylor proposed that perceptions of performance are the only criteria to measure and define service quality and brought out SERVPERF model.They investigated the conceptualization and measurement of serviced quality and the relationaships between service quality,consumer satisfaction and purchase intentions.Their work focused on trying to overcome the “perceptions-minus-expectations” measurement focus […]


The  SERVQUAL Model   The SERVQUAL Model is an empiric model by Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry to compare service quality performance with customer service quality needs. It is used to do a gap analysis of an organization’s service quality performance against the service quality needs of its customers.That’s why it’s also called the GAP model. It takes into account the […]

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