Facts about food (Article 2)

Facts about Food


Some important facts about food

  1. Why apple turns brown after being cut?
  2. Why should we eat while sitting on the floor?
  3. Why sugar is sticky ?
  • Why apples turn brown after being cut?

Apples and others like pears, bananas, peaches, potatoes turn brown when cut. This is because these fruits are rich in iron and contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase or tyrosinase. When you cut an apple it damages the cells. The enzymes reacts with oxygen and iron containing phenols found in the apples. The oxidation reaction basically forms a sort of rust on the fruit. A common method to minimize browning is to use lemon juice but it will add tartness. The acid present in the lemon juice deforms the enzyme necessary for oxidation reaction, so the slices will not turn brown.


  • Why should we eat while sitting on the floor?

Not only in India but in many Asian countries like Japan  people believe in eating food while sitting on the floor. When we sit down cross legged it calms the mind and relaxes nerves. Eating with calm mind helps in better digestion. When we sit on the floor, blood is easily pumped through the heart to all the organs needed for digestion whereas blood flows to the legs when we sit on dining chain or when we eat while standing. When we sit cross legged our body naturally move back and forth to eat from plate. This movement activates abdomen muscles and leads to better secretion of digestive juices. Therefore sitting on the floor while eating aids in healthy heart, strong muscles and easy digestion.


  • Why sugar is sticky?

Sugar is not sticky when it is dry, but when it gets wet it becomes sticky due to hydrogen bonding. Sugar is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The crystals are intact and don’t stick to one another. But in presence of liquid the oxygen hydrogen bonds will start to break. The loose hydrogen atoms starts to look for something else to stick. The hydrogen in sugar and hydrogen in water have an attraction toward each other. It is those hydrogen bonds that make sugar sticky.


Facts about food (Article 2)

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