ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT


1. QBE (Query By  Example)

A software  tool  that  enables database   users  to  specify   search  criteria   by  providing   a front  end  for  the  query  language,  which  collects  the facts about   a   query    from   the   user,   and   composes    query language  statements  internally.

2. Query language

A language  that enables  users to define their requirements   for extracting  desired  information   from a database  in the form of queries.


1. RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

It finds the quickest route between two computers.

2. Response time

Elapsed   time  between ·submission   of  a job   to  a  system   for  processing,   and  the  first  response produced  by the system  for the job.

3. Router

An   internetworking    tool   used  to  interconnect those  networks  that  use  same  high-level   protocols   above the network  layer.

4. Routing

Selection  of actual  path  to be used to transmit  a message  in a wide-area  network  environment.

5. RS-232-C interface

A standard  interface used for interconnecting    user   terminals    to   computers.       It  was defined  by the Electronics  Industrial  Association  (USA).

6. Run time

Time    required     to    complete     a   single, continuous,  execution  of an object  program.

7.  RARP

Reverse address resolution Protocol

8.  RAM (Random Access Memory)

It is a temporary storage area that the processor uses to execute Programs and hold data. Information is put into RAM and held there. Once the RAM becomes full information has  to be removed to make space for the current task being performed. A PC with limited RAM will take a long time to perform the simplest task as the information in  the RAM is constantly being replaced. Ram requires a constant electric supply to keep the information intact. Should you switch off the PC then you will lose the contents of RAM forever. Different areas of RAM are: Conventional memory, Expanded Memory, Extended memory, High memory areas, upper memory area.

Types of RAM include :

  • DRAM

9. Remote Terminal

Any terminal which is not on the same physical site as the computer to which it is attached. Access is normally via modem.

10. Replication

The sharing of computer files at multiple locations whilst maintaining an up to date copy of the shared file at all locations. A different copy of the file may be maintained at each location and replication ensures that all charges are reflected in all copies.

11. Ribbon Cable

A flat cable which contains approximately 100 parallel wires. If you are brave enough to open up you PC case you will find a ribbon cable to the PC’s had disk.

12. RS 232

The industry standard for the transmission of data between Serial (one bit at time) devices. The RS stands for recommended standard.

ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT

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