ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT


1. SNMP (Simple Network Protocol)

It allows network administration to connect to and manage network device.

2. SCSI (The Small Computer System Interface)

The Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) is a set of parallel interface standards developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for attaching printers, disk drives, scanners and other peripherals to computers.

3. Swapping

Storing    programs     on    disk,    and    then transferring  these programs  into main storage  as and when they  are  needed.  The  technique   is used  to process   large programs,  or several  programs  with limited  memory.

4. Synchronous Transmission

In synchronous   transmission,   a group  of characters   is blocked  in same  way  as records  are blocked  on magnetic tape. A header and trailer  are then added  to each block to convert  it into a frame . The header contains  synchronization   information   used by the receiving  device  to set its clock  in synchronism  with sender end clock.  It also  contains   information   to  identify  the  sender  and  receiver.   The  header   is followed   by  a block  of characters  containing  actual  message  to be transmitted.

5. Spiders or Web Robots

They are programs normally run by these sites which browse your site and add what it finds to tis database of subjects and pages. Spiders can create a heavy load on a www site and virtually overload it by progressively through every document, requesting these documents at a very rapid rate.

6. Subprogram

A subprogram   is a program  written  in a manner  that It  can  be  brought  into  use  in  other programs   and  used  whenever   needed  without   rewriting.   A  subprogram   is referred to  by  different   names  In different   programming   languages.   For  example,   other  names  used  for  it are subroutine,  subprocedure,   and function.

7. Syntax Errors

Occur when rules or syntax of a programming language are not followed. Such program errors typically involve incorrect punctuation, incorrect word sequence, undefined terms or misuse of terms.


Small computer systems interface introduced by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A SCSI connects PC’s to Peripherals and to other PC’s and LANs. Upto 7 devices excluding the OC can be attached through a single SCSI connection, linking them together(Known as daisy chain)  Only 1 device at a time can transmit through thee SCSI connection – the devices are prioritized.

9. SDRA (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory)

It is a type of RAM capable of speeds of about 55 Mhz. It has superseded EDO RAM.

10. SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol)

It is basically a standard which enables a user to connect to the internet using a modem and a telephone line.

11. SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

It describes those business that are either run from home or in a small office. OK you may well have you gone to the trouble of including this definition in a glossary of PC and Internet terminology. The reason is that software and hardware companies will promote  their products as being suitable for the SOHO market. Please do not confuse this with the SOHO market in London.

12. SQL (Structured Query Language)

It is a standard for managing, retrieving, changing and deleting records from relational data bases.

13. SVGA (Super visual graphics array Video Adaptor)

A SVGA monitor   up to 1280X1024 pixels using over 16million different colours.


1. Transducer

A  device   capable   of  changing   signals  from analog  to digital  form,  or vice-versa.

2. Transponder

A  device   mounted   on  a  communication satellite   that  receives,   amplifies,   and  retransmits   signals from earth stations.

3. Tele-medicine

It is phone based and internet based advice to a patient. The phone or a computer near a patient can also record the pulse rate, ECG, temperature, and blood pressure.

4. T-I

It is a leased line internet connection. The speed at which data can be transmitted is 1.45 megabits per second.

5. T-3

It is a leased line internet connection. The speed at which data can be transmitted is 45 megabits per second.

6. TWAIN (Technology without interesting name)

A standard interface used with devices such scanner.

ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT

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