ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT


1. Half duplex

A communication   system  in which  data  can be  transmitted   between   a  source  and  destination   in both directions,  but in only one direction  at a time.

2. Hotlist

A personal  list of favorite  URL addresses  that an Internet   user   is  likely  to  visit  frequently   in  future.     A user’s    hotlist    is   created    automatically    and   stored   on his/her  local web client computer  by a browser.

3. Hydra printers

Multifunctional    devices   that   perform functions  of two or more  of following  office  equipment  – printer,  fax machine,  copy machine,  and scanner.

4. HTML (Hyper Text Markup     Language )

A  powerful language  used for creating  hypertext  documents.

5. HTTP (Hyper Text Transport      Protocol )

An  Internet Protocol  for interaction  among computers  on the Internet.

6. High Density Disk

A floppy disk capable of holding 1.44 megabytes of data.



1. ISP (Internet Service   Provider)

An  organization   that maintains one  or  more  gateway  computers    and  provides Internet  access  facility  to other  users by allowing  them  to connect  their  computers   to  its own  gateway  computer(s) by using modem.

2. ISDN (Integrated Services   Digital   Network)

The  ISDN  is a telephonic   system  providing   digital (not  analog)  telephone   and  data  services.  As  it supports  digital  services  (including  digitized  voice), ISDN  telephone   users  enjoy  noise-free,   CD-quality,   sound.  Moreover,  with  the  ISDN,  no modem  is necessary   because  it supports   digital  transmission   of all  types  of  data  (including   voice).  ISDN  has become  so popular  that  a term to  describe  standard  analog  service  has  been coined:  Plain Old Telephone  Service  (POTS).

3. ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) slot

Used to connect modem and input devices.



1. JCL (Job Control      language)

A   special    purpose language   used   to   describe    to   a   computer’s     operating system the resource  requirements   of a job.


2. Kiosk

An   unattended    system   that   is   used   to   store information    of   public   interest,       and   allows   common people   to   access   the   stored    information    as   per   their requirement.


1. LISP (List Processing)

A   programming     language suitable    for   manipulating     non-numeric     data    such   as symbols   and  strings  of  text.     It  is  used  in  the  areas  of pattern     recognition,      artificial      intelligence,    and   . for simulation  of games.

2. Leased

Leased  line  (also  known  as private   line  or  dedicated   line)  is a special  conditioned telephone  line directly  and permanently   connecting  two computers  or line terminating  equipment  like routers.  It can be used for both voice  and data transmission.   Hence,  if an organization   has two offices in two different  cities,  it is often  cheaper  for the organization   to have  its own leased-line  between  two offices  for all its voice  (telephone  calls)  and  data transmissions.   Often,  charges  for a leased  line are based on channel  capacity  (bps) and distance  (air miles).

3. Logic Errors

Occur when we make errors in planning the program’s logic or while converting the logic into program code. They cause the program to produce incorrect result or behave unexpectedly.

ICT Glossary – Some Important Terms Related To ICT

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